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Case: Old one, just modded it for some extra fans, 400w antec powersupply
CPU: P4 800mhzFSB 2.6ghz
RAM: KVR400X64C3AK2/1G 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 Memory
Motherboard: Neo2-FIS2R(looking for others that have SATA/RAID)
Video:MSI FX-5600 VTDR128
Harddrives: 2 WD Raptors running in a raid 0 (i believe i can boot off this with WinXP)
CD-RW: not sure yet, still looking, possibly one with dvd read capability

basically i'd like some info on and yissues with the ram/motherboard/cpu setups, and any info on booting with that SATA raid 0 setup, also any suggestions on any other motherboards would be good
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  1. A cheap, fast solution for your settup would be the Abit IS7. It's the least expensive tier-1 board to offer SATA RAID and Firewire. It also won Anandtech's comparison.

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