COD 4 MW 2

Despit the recent news regarding IW not allowing dedicated servers with Modern Warfare 2, heres a chance to win the new release for free.


1. Infinity Ward
2. PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
3. November 10th 2009
4. fourzerotwo
5. Dual-wield handguns
6. Modern Warfare 2: Ghost
7. False - it's one iteration on
8. Square Enix
9. Task Force 141
10 Sargeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson
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  1. if you use that link with the number in the end it will just give him more chances of winning
  2. Your a genious?
  3. nice scam
  4. this is like a lottery, who cares if you give him a couple more votes out of a couple hundred thousand entries, there are many instances where people who bought one lottery ticket will win over people who bought hundreds. if you are meant to win, you are meant to win.
  5. something like Yang has said

    its not a scam and its not advertisement, its just another one of those, click click maybe you will get something for 4 clicks?

    Dont want it, then dont click?

    Otherwise, go ahead, not like im making money off you...

    Anyways, enjoy
  6. I am boycotting this game and encouraging others to do so as well.

  7. I dont get it, I filled it out but I never saw the option 6,7,8,9 or 10?... weird.
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