FS: Rig w/ 2x HD 6950s, HAF 932, i5 2500k

The computer is in perfect condition. I paid $2200 for it. I would like to get $1500 for it. It is 6 months old. It would come with a clean OS install, nothing to even hint that it had been used before.

HAF 932 case
Logitech G500 gaming mouse
G510 keyboard
IPS Panel 23" screen
2x Saphire HD 6950s
1TB storage drive
ASRock P67 Extreme4 Motherboard

This question is always necessary; why am I selling it if it is so great. Unfortunately I grew out of gaming 5 months after I built my dream computer. It plays everything. I had an Obsessive Compulsive tendency to double check video game settings to make sure they were topped out because I didn't want to play anything below max. I played Skyrim, SW:TOR, Battlefield 3. It will play anything at max settings for a few years. Oh and the biggest highlight, I've never overclocked any of it. I bought the computer pieces with every intention to OC, hence the i5 2500k and the two 6950s, but never hit a point where I thought more juice could even be harnessed by the game I was playing. I use my MacBook Pro for everything now, since I don't need something that can game anymore.

Here is a copy of my receipt which does not show the Windows 7 x64 Professional(+$139 on newegg right now) that is installed. The Thermal Compound is not included, though it was used to mount the CPU. The computer toolkit($20) will not be included. I never redeemed the star trek game's coupon so you dont get that either.

Grand total is:
$0 Logitech Webcam shown in the pictures. Cost me $40 but I just don't need it.
- $20 for the toolkit
+$139 Windows 7 Pro
+$30 Hyper 212+ bought separately from Amazon
+$80 G510 Keyboard bought separately from Amazon

$2222.69. I have put it together for you and you don't have to worry about DOA parts. I want only $1500 for it, which I think is pretty fair. You pay shipping.

I am open to questions, if you have any. If someone tells me they'll take it, then that is it. I'm not going to try to haggle more money out of someone just because another person is interested; first bidder gets it. You pay shipping. You can pick how you want it shipped however. I am in Northern California, USA.

p.s. If anyone knows of a legal way to sell my Steam account, let me know. Thanks!
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  1. What's the CPU heatsink & fan? If it's a Hyper 212+, I might be interested. But those sell pretty cheaply sometimes...probably not worth your time.

    EDIT: I meant I might be interested in the Hyper 212+ separately--probably not worth your time.
  2. dalauder said:
    What's the CPU heatsink & fan? If it's a Hyper 212+, I might be interested. But those sell pretty cheaply sometimes...probably not worth your time.

    Oh, it is. I forgot about that. I had to buy that separately from Amazon, as well as the keyboard. The Hyper 212+ cost about $30, and the keyboard cost about $80, both new when I purchased them. I have receipts if you or anyone else cares to see it. But I'm still only asking the original $1500.
  3. Still available. Price is firm.
  4. GLWS!

    Tip: check out some other classified forums from tech sites, could help out.
  5. you could use a bump.. good luck!
    if you decide to part-out, please let us know....

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