Trade/Sell: Gamer Computer + Nintendo Wii

Hey everybody! I will post this again!

I want to either trade my computer for a smaller one (dimension wise) or something else.
I have the following items.

Athlon II X3 445 3,1 Ghz (Can easily run 4 Ghz or be unlocked to Phenom II X4 with the L3 Cache as well)
Asus M5A87 Motherboard
Coolit ECO Watercooling system with extra fan for Push/Pull effect
8 GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 1333 Mhz DDR3
PowerColor AMD HD6790 1 GB GDDR5
Western Digital Blue 500 GB 7200RPM HDD
Mushkin Enhanced Volta 500 Watt PSU
Extra Case Fans
NZXT Gamma Case
iRocks + Gigabyte Gamer Keyboards
Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse
Acer 20" LED Monitor (1600x900)
Logitech X230 Speakers
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Preinstalled

Nintendo Wii:
The Game Console (White)
2 nun chucks (one in White and one in Black)
2 normal controllers (one in White and one in Black)
2 wheels (for Mario Kart etc.) (one in White and one in Black)
Wii Sports (Game)
Mario Kart (Game)
Another game collection with 12 games inside.

All my stuff is running perfectly and I have papers and warranty on everything.

Located in LA.

I'm interested in following items:
MacMini (The new model with Sandy Bridge cpu - prefer the one with AMD GPU)
Smaller Computer system based on mITX
Gaming laptop

Let me know if you are interested in buying or trading.

Best regards
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