Problem: Shuttle SB51G gives me "Error loading OS"

Hello all,

I just put together a brand new SB51G system I got from Ajump, and I get a "Error loading OS" when I boot. Here are the specs:

-P4 2.4, 533fsb
-512 2700 ddr kingston ram
-WD Caviar 40gig, Seagate 40 gig
-Sony 510a DVD+-RW drive
-NEC lcd monitor
-Otherwise running onboard everything (video, audio)

Installed the cpu just fine, all the wires, and made the CDRom the first boot device and when I booted up (with a WinXP cd), I got the message: "Error loading OS". I've deleted the floppy, hd's from the startup in bios, and even made the CDRom all three startup items. Bios recognizes everything, HDs are displayed normally, however for the secondary master (my CDRom), there is only an "S", and some weird character next to a lower case 'h' highlighted with a bar of red near the bottom of the blue bios screen. Other than that, the CDRom spins, opens, closes, etc. Got any insight on this? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I'm stumped.......
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  1. Do you have a boot floppy?

    If so you might try loading that and seeing where it gets you.

    The loving are the daring!
  2. Well folks, there will be no dramatic conclusion to this saga..... The culprit: bad IDE cable. Apparently when I was installing the cable from secondary IDE to the CDRom, I must have clipped an edge just a bit (just barely I can't even see a wire or if I broke the plastic casing....). So I switched out the old with a brand new on, and this baby's working like a charm. Sorry for such a bland resolution, but hell I'll take it..... Thanks, and keep posting, all these forums really help people out..... pz.
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