HDMI 1080P Shuts down Windows 7 (Need Help)

AT first i thought my Graphics card was failing so i unplugged it and hook to the vga on my onboard graphics of my 8200 MOBO XFX.... No problems for Hours... So I hook it to my 52inch Sharp Aquos using a dvi-hdmi adapter.... Run it at 720 for hours.... No problem.. So im like damn my graphics card is going... But then i put the settings to 1080p and 10 minutes later it shuts down as if it were overheating... But its barely capping at 65celcius So thats not it... I hook my 9800GT OC-SC run it at 720P at minimum clock settings no problems for hours running 80-120fps on my game... So i switch to 1080p still running around 70-90 fps and the GPU is at 63celcius... 10 minutes later it shuts down like i just pulled the cord or like its overheating... (Which it is not)

500watt Ultra PSU
Cooler Master Liquid Cooled 1-3 coolant solution...
5 120mm Fans X-Dream Case (flows amazingly)
3 80mm Fans for exhuast 2 Rear one front
XFX 8200 2.88ghz-x4 Proc 1gb Ram
9800GT Superclocked 512ddr3

Its not hardware for sure at this point so has anyone found fixes to this or am i pretty much stuck at 720 on massive tv's?

Also It doesnt shut off it I take off the side panel and run 1080p with a Massive fan... Wierd huh? VGA Runs fine at 1920-1050 any help would be greatly appreciated...
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  1. You can tell the computer in bios the temperature to shut down at.
    What's the temperature of the CPU?
    It definitly sounds temperature related.
  2. 57celcius when i start it up after it shuts off... so 60celcius maybe??
  3. That shouldn't be a problem. Do you have bios settings for temp?
    In my asus and gigabyte boards there was a hardware monitor section that showed actual temps and an alarm setting and a shutdown setting for temps.
    Have you installed the latest MoBo drivers?
  4. Yes I have... Going on the fact that it could be cooling related i took my water cooled heat sink off the cpu and found that my Artic Silver was dry and crusty... Just put a nice new tube of it on the cpu reapplyed the Liquid cooler and Im using it right now... its been on for about 10minutes now so wish me luck...
  5. Good Luck!
  6. Well I found out it was caused from overclocking my CPU but still everyonce in awhile it shuts down i just cant seem to explain it... replaced all 80mm to 120's 97cfm runs extremely cool even for crisis engines... also using a 250gt 1gb now and 8gb ram... changed alot...
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