Oldest rigs you're still using for games?

Just for fun and out of curiosity, if people have some interesting responses I'll make a new thread w/ a poll in a few days.

Putting together a parts list for my first new pc in 4 years, I've been thinking about how old my hardware has gotten. It's crazy because most of the systems I have were bleeding-edge when new. But I still run them all, and each still pulls its own in both work and gaming.

So what are the specs of your slow or old rigs and what are you still using them to play?


my old rigs:

Desktop with Socket A Sempron mobile OC'd to 1.9ghz
Soyo MB
2gigs DDR
Radeon x1650 pro AGP OC'd
450w psu

used for steam games, HL2, TF2 (runs pretty well depending on server/# of players)

Desktop with a socket A Athlon Barton 2500 at 1.85ghz
Soyo MB
1.5gigs DDR
500w psu

used for same as above, doesn't run TF2 as well though (ram?), it gets some time playing warcraft 3 and Oblivion

Asus z81sp laptop with P4 660 at 3.4ghz
2gigs DDR2
Geforce 6800 go OC'd with custom drivers

This is going to throw some people, but I play just about anything on this laptop and do a lot of CS4 work on it. Only now, four years since I built it are hardware issues cropping up (wireless card died, usb ports starting to fail, multimedia buttons only sometimes work). But recently I've played TF2, demigod, and some other games all a decent frame rates and settings. I've also played through Crysis at mostly low settings (still looked good).

And my most excellent ancient gaming rig...
The Powermac G4, circa January 2001.
I've upgraded the hell out of this thing with free/old parts over the years, its specs:

733mhz powerpc proc
Geforce 3 ti500
1gig sdram
-ram keyboard/mouse, and speakers were all scavenged,
for free, literally out of a dumpster (don't ask)

recently played return to castle wolfenstein, open arena, warcraft 3, and emulators
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  1. I have a P3 running Win98 for legacy games that I cannot get to work in DOSbox. Don't remember the Motherboard it has.

    Intel P3 500MHz
    512MB RAM
    GeForce 3 (64Mb!)
    Soundblaster Live 5.1.
  2. Sadly.. this is my main computer because I was jobless and very poor for these past 7 years, but I plan on getting i7 and a 58xx this holiday. I play a Half-Life mod called Natural Selection a few times per week, most of the time I just have internet browser up.

    AthlonXP 2400+ OC'd
    1.25GB DDR
    Radeon 9600 OC'd
    Windows XP
  3. My sig :) Plays games like CoD4 on medium 1280x1024 @ 50FPS +... I'm happy. Can't wait for CoD4MW2.

    Edit: Incase I update my sig in the future, my current config is:

    CPU: Pentium 4 641 - 3.2Ghz - Hyper Threading - 2MB Cache - 800Mhz FSB - 65nm
    RAM: 2GB DDR2 Dell 800Mhz
    GPU: 8600GTS 256MB GDDR3 (OC'd edition.)
    HDD: 160GB Maxtor Sata II 7,200RPM

    Running Windows XP Home SP3. This PC I built from scratch in 2006, lucky for me at the time I picked a board with PCI-e and DDR2, which gave me way to purchase a budget but pretty impressive GPU and some extra RAM.

    The original build had a MASSIVE 2 x 256MB DDR2 533 (lol :D) and a 80GB sata drive. I recently upgraded to the current spec last year. :)

    I'm actually going to upgrade this to a "Pentium D" (for free) so I can play newer games I may disire smoothly. I would upgrade to a Core 2 Duo, but that would mean a new motherboard etc etc. = Not worth it + no point in blowing money on somthing that is still working and playing games.
  4. CPU: Pentium1 120MHz
    RAM: 16MB
    HDD: 1GB

    Games: Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Blood
  5. I use a couple of older machines, depending on what I'm doing:
    I run some games on this from time to time.

    P4 (3.2Ghz)
    1Gb DDR-400
    Radeon X850Pro

    and also for 'surfing'

    AMD Athlon XP 3200+
    512Mb DDR 400
    Radeon 9200

    These get hardware added/removed/switched around from time to time... The X850Pro used to be in the Athlon 3200 machine, had more RAM and played Oblivion reasonably well...
  6. P4... FTW!!! (only 65nm ones. :D)
  7. Cedermill (singlecore) were awesome, I donated mine to my brother, the thing can go to 0.86v at 3GHz. Back to the topic.. my oldest rig is the one below, which has been in a perpetual state of upgrade. It started as a Celery 2.8GHz, 256MB DDR and a onboard GMA900
  8. blackwidow_rsa said:
    Cedermill (singlecore) were awesome, I donated mine to my brother, the thing can go to 0.86v at 3GHz. Back to the topic.. my oldest rig is the one below, which has been in a perpetual state of upgrade. It started as a Celery 2.8GHz, 256MB DDR and a onboard GMA900

    Yup, I actually bought 2 Cedermill chips from ebay for 10 bucks :) both 3.6Ghz.
  9. My first actuall PC I built from all old PC's left over from my older brothers PCs, thats when I got into PC's. I kept the built BTW, wrapped it up and put it in the attic for safe keeping.

    CPU: Pentium 3 800Mhz
    RAM: 256MB x 2 = 512MB SDRAM
    HDD: 60GB IDE Maxtor
    GPU: MX440 AGP

    I was playing Unreal Tourment on this baby at sweet levels at the time. I was so happy :) Aww, the good old days.
  10. This is main rig I'm playing as this is only computer I've got:

    Intel celeron 2.8GHZ (OC'ed to 3.0).

    512MB of memory (Added another stick of 512).

    IGP, Intel 82865G.

    HDD 80GB IDE

    I can only play few games. Main game is Wolfenstein ET. Getting about 20 (On non-player made large map) and 30 on small or normal map.
  11. ^ Dude, upgrade the GPU :) Any old AGP (or pci-e) will kick ass for the games you play. :)
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