GA-8KNXP, SATA Raid, and Win2K?

I've got a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP motherboard on order, and am looking for peripherals while it's in transit. I'd like to use a pair of the WD Raptor drives in a Raid0 array for maximum performance, but the JapEnglish in the manual isn't clear if this will work. The manual for the SATA Raid function indicate that there are Win2K drivers, but the motherboard manual hints that this only works in WinXP...

Any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance!
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  1. I just built a box with that board last week. I don't have a raid array on it (yet). I do remember seeing that "XP Only" in reference to the ICH5R southbridge controller's SATA raid 0 capability. There is another Raid capable SATA controller on the board (Silicon Image 3112) which supports Raid 0/1 and is bootable. I don't remember seeing any note about it being XP only so you could boot off that in W2K AFAIK.

    I just checked the driver/utility cd that came with board and it looks like the Sil3112 controller is raid/boot capable for W2K from the notes in the directory with the drivers. I don't have have raid on W2K (running XP Pro) so take my comments with a grain of salt.

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  2. Yes, that appears to be the answer, the Silicon Image 3112 will do Raid 0 and 1 for any OS, the Southbridge will only do Raid 0 and only wirh XP. I got the following nearly-comprehesable response from Gigabyte:

    8KNXP has two set SATA controller the Intel set Raid 0 able only in winxp
    the other set Silicon image can be Raid 0 or 1 ether win2k / winxp / win NT.
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