desktop lockup!!

hi my desk top keeps locking up and iam having to restart through task manager, its driving me mad, i have recently rebuilt and formatted but it has come back
iam guessing its the memory not clearing but iam clutching at straws????
please help
The .PC;
M.board: Chaintech 7NJS ultra zenith + latest nforce drivers
Amd 2200
G.card: Gforce3 ti200 128mb “inno 3d”{recently died}
new today GeForce fx 5700 le 128mb
RivaTurner, “500/220mhz”, NOW 500/315 MHZ
+ clock feq acc, “High”, fake ddr workaround, “forced on”
Nivdia 61.77 driver
768DDR ram
S.card: Audigy player 5.1 +UPDATES
Lian Lie.
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  1. If you reset the video card to the default speeds, do the lockups continue?


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  2. to be abell to "help" people have to find out the "symptomz", "coazez" and "originz" of the deziz, which are not described in above statement.

    PS: put everything into default state and see zee magique..

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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