Saving an email with no attachments to my documents

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    Highlite the entire message and then copy it.
    Paste to a word processing program like notepad.
    Save it with a name that describes the contents.
  2. mhelm1's suggestion will work if you only need the basic written contents of the email. If you want to save it in an email file format to preserve formatting, images, etc., click "File>Save As" in most email programs. (If you don't see "File" in the upper-left corner of the program window, press the "Alt" key.) Not sure about other programs, but I just checked my email program, and Outlook 2010 can even save email messages as webpages!
  3. Simply drag the email you want to save out of the folder and drop it into the folder you want it saved in. This automatically saves the message by making a copy of it. The message will be totally intact and named by whatever the subject line is, which you can easily changed if you wish to.

    Check out this site if this is not what you are looking for. There are a bunch of other workarounds posted on it that should help you!

    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
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