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My son wants a laptop for xmas. He wants to use it to play world of warcraft. Now Im not computer savvy at all but I do know that you need a pretty good graphics card for this game. My question is without breaking the bank what laptop can I get him that will play this game pretty good and which is better to play the game on, a laptop or desktop computer. Thanks
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  1. ASUS makes some very good and very affordable gaming laptops. WoW is not a very demanding game so you should be able to find something around $500-$700.
  2. wow is best played on a full size desktop pc, for ergonomic reasons.
  3. Generally you'll get 3 times more value out of each buck you spend if you choose a desktop PC for gaming, instead of a notebook. Unless your son likes to play World of Warcraft at school (assuming it has internet access and its allowed) a desktop PC would be much more logical. World of Warcraft cannot be played without internet access.

    A new desktop PC of about $400 (excluding monitor) would be excellent for playing WoW, with a monitor that would be max $600. You'd need about a $1500 laptop to match the same performance level.

    One piece of advise: spend some money on a good mouse, preferably one with a cable and laser optics. This is important for high-pace games like world of warcraft. I use a Logitech G5 laser mouse and its just perfect for this type of game.
  4. I agree with Purplerats recommendation of the Asus laptops, they really have some nice budget gaming laptops.

    Is your son going away to school, college?

    If he isn't I'd definitely recommend a desktop instead. And if he is, perhaps consider a nice desktop with a cheap netbook. That's what I'm doing at school at the moment. Seemed rather fool hardy to carry around about 2k of tech around. So I leave the gaming rig at home, and take my MSI Wind to class.
  5. Agreed on a good Asus laptop.

    Just an example. Not sure what your budget is though.

    Looks like you will sacrifice either a slower CPU, weaker GPU, or a small screen size for a cheaper price. Good luck!
  6. it is more difficult to be competitive in wow on a laptop-style keyboard. However if it is a laptop that is definitely required then so be it.
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