I need help :(

Building a computer but have a little problem.

Have a Shuttle AN35 Ultra Mobo (NF2 ultra)
Athlon (2500, 333)
2 512 sticks of corsair ram
9500 radeon
antec SX630 II

Now here's the problem. I just have proc, ram, hd, vid card in. When I plug in the power directly to the vid card (has this thing where you have to plug in an external power not just the agp) my comp doesn't even turn on. When I unplug that, the computer starts, but my computer gives off a repeating quick beeps and the screen is garbled? The PS is 300 watts and I don't think just these few things should be too much for it? What can I do?

2 things:
I know the ram is good (put it in another machine, fine)
I know the vid card is good
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  1. try another powersupply...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  2. I will share a blunder I did on a mchine I built. (This was a few years ago). When screwing the brass spaces into the plate that holds the mobo, I didn't line them up with all the holes on the mobo. Well, it happens that one of those brass spaces was lined up with the backside of the mobo where the memory sits. This grounded out the memory and caused the maching to beep incessantly on startup. Generally this beeping is due to something not installed correctly. CPU or memory. Anyway, hope you figure it out.
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