Best place to sell Computer Gear in US?

Hey Guys,

Where is the best place to sell my computer gear here in the US?

I've already tried here and Craigslist - no responds at all.

So what would you guys suggest, if I want a lot of hits?
I don't even think my gear is overpriced or so.

This is my link for my gear:
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  1. Here, most people want to build their own. You could try the Anandtech forums. Otherwise, just stick with it and be willing to part it out.
  2. I dont mind parting it out, if I can sell it all, but I haven't got 1 single hit!
  3. maybe id wanna buy it, but i dont know what your price-point is? sometimes, you have what they want at the price they are looking for. just a suggestion.

  4. What are you interested in?

    Here is my price:

    Athlon II X3 445 3,1 Ghz (Can easily run 4 Ghz or be unlocked to Phenom II X4 with the L3 Cache as well)
    Asus M5A87 Motherboard
    Coolit ECO Watercooling system with extra fan for Push/Pull effect
    8 GB Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 1333 Mhz DDR3
    PowerColor AMD HD6790 1 GB GDDR5
    Western Digital Blue 500 GB 7200RPM HDD
    Mushkin Enhanced Volta 500 Watt PSU
    Extra Case Fans
    NZXT Gamma Case
    iRocks + Gigabyte Gamer Keyboards
    Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse
    Acer 20" LED Monitor (1600x900)
    Logitech X230 Speakers
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Preinstalled

    $550 for all - $450 without Monitor and Mouse + shipping

    Nintendo Wii:
    The Game Console (White)
    2 nun chucks (one in White and one in Black)
    2 normal controllers (one in White and one in Black)
    2 wheels (for Mario Kart etc.) (one in White and one in Black)
    Wii Sports (Game)
    Mario Kart (Game)
    Another game collection with 12 games inside.

    $200 + Shipping
  5. eBay

    Wider audience. A lot of people who are looking to buy parts on ebay are looking for used parts. It will also give you a good idea of what the average selling price for the parts are.

    I would also try Reddit. Just make sure you follow the subreddit rules on the right when writing your post.

    I've linked the specific categories that you would post in.

    TL;DR - Reddit or eBay
  6. Probably due to the asking price being higher than similar items -- figure used Wii systems can be found in the $50 - $100 range and the games +controller in your package son't add much value so wanting $200 is really gonna limit the inquiries and $550 for that PC system is a bit high since it was a mid range system back when the parts where available and now that they are EOL there are cheaper better performing parts for the same or less cost. With electronics when selling 3 year old + tech your never gonna recoup close to what you invested and asking for close to newer tech prices for it is gonna limit the responses and interest.
  7. why are you bringing a 13-month old thread back?
    if the OP wasn't diligent in keeping the thread updated,
    you'd have to assume its sold, or no longer available.

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