Value my computer

I want to sell this computer not sure the overall value,

Coolermaster Full Case

Sandy Bridge i7 2600k LGA1155 processor

Asus P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance Memory 16 GB

GTX 580 Overclocked Video Card

Raid 0 222 gig Intel Speed Demon SSD

Corsair HX1000 Power Supply

Logitech G19 gaming keyboard

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

Invested a lot into building this but ran into a RL emergency and have to sell unfort.
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  1. well first is how new is it? or how old?
  2. 80% x each part's current price
    I suggest you provide links.

    Case: What model? $40
    CPU: $240
    Mobo: $105
    RAM: What model? $60
    Graphics: What model? $330
    SSD's: I haven't heard of those 2x $80 = $160
    PSU: Which generation? $80
    Keyboard: $25
    Mouse: $30

    TOTAL: ~$1060

    Now it'll all be worth more if you link exact parts and describe your usage to reassure people it's in great condition. Also, if you could post Heatware or other source of rep, buyers would probably like that.
  3. Well the computer is less than a year old, and other than the cpu the prices i spent are wayyyyyyy off what you posted, to give a ballpark figure the amount I spent to build this was just over $5,000, of course a little of that was labor not much, Ill get back here with exact specs shortly. ( am at work)
  4. Labor? That isn't a cost since computer building is a hobby.

    $5,000! Where did you buy the parts? Best Buy?

    Okay, I'll assume every part is high end and try again posting NEW prices (I assumed low-end without links).

    Case: $160 Coolermaster Haf X
    CPU: $330 If you don't believe in sales
    Mobo: $210
    RAM: $150 Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) 1866CL9
    GPU: GTX 580 OC $470
    SSD's: 2x$240 Intel 510 120GB
    PSU: $170
    Keyboard: $200
    Mouse: $58

    TOTAL NEW (no sales): $2228

    I could build something with identical gaming performance for $1100, but I guess that's not the point. Anyhow, if you're gonna buy special parts like a $200 keyboard, you can't expect more than a 60% return on them. And nobody likes a used SSD. So just multiply that price by 80% or less to get a Used price, but I doubt anyone will pay that. For most people, they'll take TRIM support over RAID 0 SATA III SSDs.

    Btw, you can find most the prices I listed above through Newegg or Google shopping.
  5. You'll be looking at getting $130 for that keyboard.
    GTX 580 = $350 at most
    2600k = $270
    Just take what Dalauder has posted and multiply each by .9 if you're willing to wait a while, or .8 for a quick sale.

    I mean, you really over-paid for the rig. Is there a phase-change or something that you're leaving out? A 2560x1600 monitor?
  6. Just a quick point you will be lucky if you get $100 for that keyboard 200 no way and not 130 earthier they are BRAND NEW on amazon right now for $158.00 with free shipping if you are prime. 350 is actually solid for that card u can get almost 400 if ur lucky on ebay *but there are fees so eh*. And not to pick at jaguarmatts numbers to much but a 270 for a 2600k? You can get brand spanking new ones on ebay from manufactures with the heat sink for 300. One of the real problems I see is that ram is basically worthless right now you have a good chunk so you could maybe get 50$ for it but you can find 1600 speed same brand same amount for 85$ on a good day again new. I guess I might as well go on but i just bought a cooler master haf x 932 for 100$ new on new egg they have the deal fairly regularly I own two.The problem with that case is that u almost have to give it way free because what it costs to ship it is almost what its worth , if i can get it new for 100 and you charge me 30+ to ship it some one MIGHT pay 30$ maybe. All your value is in your video card model , memory. Also dalauder is right people hate buying used SSD and the prices are dropping like a rock mine is barely a year old was barely middle of the pack speed wise and i think i paid like $2.0 a GB you can get fair speed SSD now for less then $1 a GB. Here is the BIG problem with this hole thing your system only really is sell able to two types of users , people who want ALOT of power in a slick case set up and dont wanna do it them self and have allot of disposable cash those people probably are gonna buy it new from one of many online stores that build them.Or a power user who can really use allot of that get up and go and is looking for a deal and with the prices out there today u really could build this for less then 1200 with out killing ur self and that's brand new.
  7. Sorry for not checking post and bad format its 3:00 am and I'm passing out I wanted to at least give my two sense.
  8. You could not build this new for $1,200, it's worth more than that used, but that's besides the point.

    OP, do you really need to sell your PC? You won't get anywhere near what you paid for it.
  9. Actually no its not worth more then that used. In-fact I just priced out all the parts and you could buy every thing here brand new minus the two ssd for about 1250.

    New prices

    Coolermaster Full Case $100 *iv bought two at differnt times for that sale price in the last 6 months.*

    Sandy Bridge i7 2600k LGA1155 processor $285

    Asus P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard $110

    Corsair Vengeance Memory 16 GB $89

    GTX 580 Overclocked Video Card $400

    Raid 0 222 gig Intel Speed Demon SSD $360

    Corsair HX1000 Power Supply $200 *they dont sell this model any more so i found one the closet thing keep in mind this PSU is actually a BETTER model its silver and the other one was just regular 80*

    Logitech G19 gaming keyboard $110 * yes this is a brand new g19 for 110$*

    Razer Naga Gaming Mouse $58

    I barely looked for any deals and i know some of these parts could be gotten cheaper if you searched ebay now i didn't include the SSD cause with out more info the price range could go from 220-500+. I will take back that u could probably build this for 1200 new more like $1650 my total came to 1712 but my psu is fairly nicer then that one silver demands a premium and 50 extra watts. You also need to realize that SSD lose a TON of there resale value you are not even gonna get 1200 for a system i just built in 30 minutes for 1650.
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