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am buying an alienware pc with xp installed on 2 74 gb sata dives with a 120 gb seagate hd back-up. would like to temporarily remove the seagate and pop my existing hd (also with xp installed) into this new monster and transfer all my songs and pics, thus not angering my beloved woman.
will this be a problem with 2 seperate drives having windows xp installed in the system at same time? also, how can this newbie insure that after removing hd after transfer, and replacing the seagate that the mfg supplied, that i dont have a million junk files in the system from the temporay instalation that i wouldnt have a clue as to how to find or remove? friends have recomended buying a seperate external hd to transfer files to, but is this necessary? thanks in advance! bob
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  1. just stick the old one in as a slave and get your beloved woman's stuff off of it. Why do you want to disconnect the new one? XP will not boot from the old drive in the new system anyway, so there is nothing to be worried about "confusing" the XP boot, it will be bootting from the new system's drive, which is the way it should be. There will be no junk files on the new drive, unless you will put them there.

    PS: also if you wish to keep one drive "handy", buy a firewire HD enclosure (they are dirt cheap) and put the old drive into it, that way you'll have "extra" drive, and meanwhile can copy anything from it.

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