Dx11 a performance killer?

well its not Dx11 specifically but the tesselation is major performance killer I find in the unigine benchmark I would loose loads of fps now I thought that Dx11 was supposed to run better than Dx10? or is it just that the benchmark is showing off the extremes of Dx11?
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  1. The DX11 demo is massively overkill to a point, as it does huge amount of TS, use the wire frame and check it out.
    Most early DX11 games wont go to those extremes, and should show nice improvements, and by the time something true killer arrives, we'll have the cards to play them
  2. ^^ But it DOES prove my earlier thoughts that Tesselation would hinder preformance when used. No matter how efficent you make the process, Tesselation = more work, and no specilized hardware can overcome that one fact.

    Granted, in general use, this loss will be minimal, as I think larger implementations of tesselation (could potentially work on all surfaces, like AA) will be years down the line, when we have much more powerful hardware.

    For the next year or so, DX11 + Tesselation will probably benchmark slightly (<5 FPS at MOST) slower then DX10 on average. That would be my best guess from what I've seen so far...
  3. Yeah, but the DX11 cards are going to be built to handle this sort of thing.

    Unless those 5fps drop a DX11 game below the 40s I don't see it being an issue - improved visual costing a few fps? It's no biggie.
  4. No, to render the same amount as we see now, TS is actually less costly, but thats again just like DX10. It offers more accurate things, where we cheated before, and TS is more like DX10.1, where we actually get more for the same thing, but, unlike DX10.1, it can also offer much better visuals and savings, depending on the game/dev
  5. Even with more efficency that they claim they can deliver in DX11, are people really thinking that features such as tesselation won't hurt performance AT ALL..... ??? I expect a slight drop in fps with DX11 features, but not to the effect that DX10 had, while seemingly not improving graphics by much if any.
  6. Tesselation doesn't hurt performance in and of itself, what hurts performance is that it creates vastly more triangles to render.

    If you render 10,000 triangles, some of them tesselated, it takes the same amount of time (actually, it's faster) as it takes to render those same 10,000 triangles if all were built into the original model. Tesselation isn't what's hurting performance, it's that it's adding 5,000 more triangles to the mix.
  7. Thing is, what are people comparing it to? DX10? DX9?
    In those previous DX releases, we didnt have TS at all, and just like those previous DX releases, the "new" cards of the day played the old games much better than the new ones with the newer DX model.
    Same holds true for here, except, you can render the same thing for less, thereby giving more fps, but who needs that with these cards anyways?
    Now, the question may arise, will the next Oblivion or Crysis pop up, and bring these cards to their knees?
    I personally hope so, and also hope its a killer must have game as well, thereby growing the PC market, and giving other devs something to shoot for.
    Its called progress, and I likes it

    PS Im obviously not counting ATIs TS, but I think we all know how its gone in the past, and someone coming in with the idea its going to cost more to get more, well....DUH
  8. But you see Jaydee, Tesselation doesn't do the same amount of work; it needs more Triangles to achieve the effect, so even though its faster on a per-triangle basis, its slower overall. So yes, technically, the process itself is faster, but the result will almost always be slower.
  9. DX 11 RULES!!!
  10. Viva DX11!!!!
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