Pnkbstrb.exe initialization failed on windows 7

I have tied running as admin and compability mode for bf2 and still it will kick me and give me that message. I even uninstalled and reinstalled everything to no extent. I have tried adding pnkbstra.exe and pnkbstrb.exe to the firewall settings and still nothing. Any thoughts?
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    I had the same exact problem that you did....same error and everything. I finally found out that pnkbstra.exe and pnkbstrb.exe were not installed as services on Windows 7. I had to download the manual punkbuster service installer and run that. Afterwards, I made sure that the punkbuster services were running (set on automatic) and then I was able to play BF2 again without being kicked!
  2. Yeah your right, i had figured that out a little while ago. Thanks anyhow.
  3. Can you please tell me what you mean by manual because ive downloaded everything on that damn site and nothing seems to be working for me..... any help would be awesome thankyou.
  4. pbsvc.exe , that tool will uninstall punkbuster, and you can reinstall it using same tool.

    I tried looking for it at their site and couldnt find it. Try this link:

    You might have to register and sign in. If that dont work, you could google it.
  5. Hello all i have one problem. i dont know much about computers and that stuffs. maby someone here can tell me what can i do. I instal win7 on my PC and wanna play Wolfenstine enemy territory and everytime when i connect on some server i got kicked coz of pnkbstra.exe something like this: INITIALIZATION FAILED or pnkbstra.exe HEART BEAT stopped... so if someone knows what i need to do please tell me because im going crazy here... like i said i dont know much about PC and other stuffs and my eanglish sucks btw :)
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