Looking to sell ATI Radeon HD 5670 and/or HP 2009m monitor

So I'm upgrading to 3D with a new GTX 550 TI with Asus VG278H and am looking to potentially sell the existing GPU (ATI Radeon HD 5670) and the monitor HP 2009m

Seems like the card would be somewhere around new $120/$80 used, while the HP 2009m 20" monitor seems to run about $200 new/$100 used.

So is $180 a good ballpark figure to ask for the set? Anyone actually interested in it HERE?
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  1. I myself picked up that monitor from staples for $60 brand new after coupon, and I routinely see it on sale for around $90. As for the GPU, it depends on whether it is DDR3 or DDR5 on the memory. If its DDR3, its about $70 new. If its DDR5, its $90. Thus, you'd probably be fortunate to get $150 total from both of them. Also, it would probably easier and more profitable to sell them individually. Expect to get $60 at most for the card and $80 for the monitor.
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