Keyboard input leads to mouse lag

Ok i don't know if this is the correct place to post this but lately this one game , Killing Floor ( along with Unreal Tournament 2004 ) have been running strangely. When i push ANY key on the keyboard and move the mouse at the same time, it has mouse lag, and when i let go of the mouse and key it will keep moving and running until it thinks I've stopped. But when i move without a mouse moving it runs fine and normal, and same with mouse, no key pushed down and the mouse moves fine.

This is annoying and i have been trying to get it to work for soooo loooong, but i cant get it to. I can run the games at MAX EVERYTHING and get 20 FPS minimum, so it has nothing to do with graphics because I've gone through all the settings.

Please don't tell me i have to fresh install of windows because i cant. Don't ask why i just cant. Its a band new computer and it shouldn't have an issue.

Thank you.

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  1. What keyboard and mouse do you have?? I dont know much but for gaming I amy recomend you a spetial mouse such as razer or logitech
  2. isn't it the problem is in game itself..?
    well if it's on your mouse and keyboards then maybe you have
    to change one of them..
  3. my mouse and keyboard came with the system and r eMachine mouses and have worked fine forever. and its a brand new game and machine with accessories so i dont think it can be that. Only does it in that engine game specifically. Unreal Engine.
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