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I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good game sites. The ones that let you buy or download new copies of old games for $5 or $10 bucks. They mentioned a good noe on x-play, but I forgot the name and have never been able to find it, though any good site would be great. Also, if anyone has ever bought games from and had them shipped to the U.S, were you over charged by a decent chunk of change. I bought a number of games from them about 2 weeks ago and iy showed that they would cost a little over $75, shpping included. When I got the paper that showed the charges to my mom's card, they too over $120 out. This happen to anyone else?Thanks for any recommendations, and sorry for going a little off topic at the end.
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  1. I've come to rely heavily on Steam. Some of their weekend deals just can't be beat. I buy games that I normally wouldn't buy JUST because I can get such great deals on them...

    Quick story time...
    I told myself that I wasn't going to buy Fallout 3 even though everyone was saying how great it was, because they also said it was just like Oblivion, but with guns. I remembered how much everyone praised Oblivion, and that when I got it, I hated it. Then one day, Steam offered Fallout 3 for $25 only a few months after it had been released. It was an offer that I just couldn't refuse. Luckily, I really enjoyed Fallout 3 and it is FAR superior to the snooze-fest that was Oblivion.

    Anyway, that's just for PC games... I've seen some really good deals from before. I also used once a little while ago because they had some blowout sale and were offering certain games for as low as $0.01. I got the new Prince of Persia and Prey delivered for like $6 including shipping. Try finding a better deal than that...

    If you're looking for OLD games (pre-Y2K) then you might be forced to use eBay or scrounge through your local flea markets, pawn shops, and vintage games stores.
  2. I'm quite satisfied with Steam as well, allthough they have a 1$ equals 1€ problem.
    Top deal right now is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for 5€.
  3. direct2drive has VTMB for $5.00 till sunday I've been waiting for this go on sale for a long time they also have some other good titles on sale now
  4. ericpol said:
    direct2drive has VTMB for $5.00 till sunday I've been waiting for this go on sale for a long time they also have some other good titles on sale now

    Thanks for the heads up. Been looking to try it for a while. :D
  5. Most of them do offers, so it's worth keeping an eye on them to see what comes up. For example, are doing Crysis Warhead, Godfather 2, Battlefield 2142 complete pack and others for £5 at the moment. Not sure what they're doing in your region, but I'm betting it's something similar.As well as that, there's for older games at cheap prices.

    There's also metaboli and gametap. These charge you a flat fee per month (£12.95 for the premium metaboli here) for unlimited access to various games, including some pretty recent ones. Op Flashpoint 2 is the latest addition here, for example. Good luck!
  6. Steam has TF2 again until 7 pm PDT hurry up and get it
  7. I just got CoD4:MW for ~$25 on Steam over the weekend. I've always wanted it, but I didn't want to pay full price for it. Thank you, Valve...
  8. Old games, like Gabriel Knight: Sins of our Fathers, Duke Nukem 3D, etc?

    Then go to (known as Good 'ol Games).

    It's an excellent site and they just added Activision games. They even provide DosBox as part of the installation for the old DOS games and they're ready to play.

    Can't wait to see what else they get eventually.
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