WTB 6970 or 6950 2gb

Looking for a 6970 or 6950 2gb for as cheap as possible lmk what you have I have cash ready and can pay via paypal or amazon payments, my heatware is under dieseldog49
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  1. pm sent
  2. My offer still stands for 200 + 20 shipping for my 6950 2gb.
  3. I can sell you a Gigabyte HD Radeon 6970 for £200, or both in a crossfire setup for £380! PM or Email me if you are still interested!
    I'd prefer it if you could come and collect it, so you can see them for yourself in working order. It also means you can personally make sure they get home safe!
  4. 2 6950 twin frozr III's here
  5. PM sent
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