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Anyone looking forward to next week's release? I got a feeling I will be a zombie at work for the next couple of months due to this one... :pt1cable:
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  1. Yeah, I think I'm going to be the same. My girlfriend is not delighted that it's coming out a few days before her birthday, I must say!
  2. Ooo...looks like you will have to make a serious choice between one or the other. You have headphones to drown out the yelling?
  3. Ha ha. I have phones, but won't need them. She's ok with my gaming, just raised an eyebrow when she saw the release schedule. It could have been worse, I was going to get MW2, which comes out *on* her birthday!
  4. Between Borderlands. Dragon Age and L4D2 it's going to be a very busy month for me in terms of gaming - not so busy for anything else.

    At least EA was pretty cool and sent me a 25% off any purchase code for anything bought off the EA store. That means L4D2+Dragon Age for $75.
  5. Ah, nice discount. L4D2 will hopefully be an xmas gift so that will give me plenty of time to keel some dragons.
  6. I pre-ordered DA:O yesterday. I might not have time to play it right away, but with the reviews it has been getting, and it being a bioware game, it sure looks like it'll be worth it when I can get around to playing.
  7. http://fidgit.com/archives/2009/10/dragon_age_is_it_a_mistake_to.php

    These articles get me pumped up for it.

    Rumor has it Steam is allowing preloading on Nov 1.

    Ah, correction...preloading is confirmed nov 1
  8. I have been really anticipating the release of this game for a while now. I figured I was going to get it on the 360, but now that I decided I wanted to build a gaming computer I think it is in my best interest to wait and get it then. Now I have to wait even longer. :pfff:
  9. Borderlands... Dragon Age... L4D2... CoD: MW2...

    Talk to you all next summer lol :)
  10. Just preloaded Dragon Age yesterday - 1 more day! At least with Dragon Age/Borderlands I've been playing Borderlands exclusively coop with my son so it limits the amount of time I actually spend playing it. I'm looking forward to Dragon Age filling in the downtime. Not sure where I'm going to find time to play L4D2? Hell I even picked up The Sims 3 yesterday when I bought L4D2 and Dragon Age from EA because it was such a good deal (all 3 for less than $100) and I couldn't pass up the $5 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. deal on Steam.

    Here's the real ironic thing; I just bought my first 360 3 weeks ago. Since then I've bought twice as many PC games as 360 games (6:3).
  11. Yeah, I can't wait myself. I had been over to the forums for DA and the guys answering questions in the "system requirements" thread have been telling everyone and their cousin that a quad will make no significant difference in gameplay. I was really disappointed, because I recently bought an i7 system based primarily on the premise this game had been really optimized for quads. Here is the original article that got me pumped saying Bioware had worked with Intel to efficiently multithread.


    But today I read this article on how going from an e6600 to a q6600 showed a 29% improvement. Joy!


    That got me all fired up again. The graphics seem to be somewhat disappointing. Some reviewers account for that due to the long development time. Fortunately, a good game doesn't need bleeding edge visuals to be enjoyable or stand the test of time.
  12. Ya, I'm not too worried about graphics. Borderlands graphics are hardly cutting edge - although they are quite unique. And L4D2 is obviously using a very "matured" engine for lack of a better term. Too many games have come out in recent years with high expectations for the graphics and usually fall sort. If anything I'll probably find myself pleasantly surprise by Dragon Age the same as I was for Borderlands due to the overly hyped expectations not being there like other games.
  13. People are complaining about the graphics but I think they are just fine. Nothing spectacular but I think the game sucks you in so well that you don't even think about them.
  14. DA:O graphics aren't TERRIBLE. They aren't the best, but they aren't bad. I had some issues getting the game up & running, something must have corrupted when I installed the first time so I had to delete all local content and reinstall. Works fine now.

    I basically spent the whole weekend playing this. I screwed up quite a bit with my primary character. Not terribly thrilled about that. Stuck at redcliff.
  15. Ironically the worst graphics in this game (in my opinion at least) are the cut scenes. The characters in the scenes look great and most of the time indoor environments do as well. But anything with the sky or an expansive background displayed in these scenes looks very dated. I also tend to catch little graphical glitches during these scenes like small tearing or clipping on a wall texture. Just the types of things that a more refined engine would clean up.

    The in game graphics look great though, probably because it's a completely different view and avoids the areas that look bad in the cut scenes.
  16. graphics are fine. it's far more detailed than oblivion, and imo detail is more important than oblivion's approach of lots of bloom and copy/pasting interiors.

    the game itself is stunning. full of spine-tingling epicness, the music sets a great mood, the story brought a tear to my eye (for the first time since final fantasy 7), the ending is the most satisfying ending i have ever seen and finally a 'moral choice' game actually proves to have some very difficult decisions.

    the only disappointing thing was that i was expecting an open world. but the travel system obviously feeds directly into the toolset potential - and it isn't bad by any means. the game is incredibly long, and the baldurs gate style 'random' encounters on the road are much more interesting than the excitment to be had in oblivion running into a mudcrab. plus it's hard!!! games have been getting really easy in the last few years, to a laughable level.

    i honestly can't remember the last time a game felt as 'right' as dragon age. it's hard to describe really, it's brilliantly balanced and imo nothing about the game is repetitive - i'm already enjoying a second playthrough without having a rest.

    in a nutshell it's baldurs gate 2 which has been masterfully tweaked to make it more accessible. i say masterfully because i usually greatly dislike such a blatant attempt at noobification - but you barely notice it in DA.

  17. ^^ Agree with most of the above. The moral choices don't always fall into "good" vs "evil" (though those two are typically avaliable), and every choice has a consequence.

    Out of curiosity, how does Baulders Gate I/II compare to DA? I considered buying them a while ago, but held off...
  18. Has anyone found any benchmarks for this game? The only one I found was pchardware review site that is spammed all throughout google. This is the problem with google. The top 30 searches are all results pointing to the same site for "Dragon Age: origins benchmarks".

    I'm specifically trying to find 2560x1600 benchmarks.
  19. The game runs on an older engine, and its hardly cutting edge. More CPU bound then anything, although even my 4890 struggles from time to time on the massive battles at 1980x1200...
  20. gamerk316 said:
    ^^ Agree with most of the above. The moral choices don't always fall into "good" vs "evil" (though those two are typically avaliable), and every choice has a consequence.

    Out of curiosity, how does Baulders Gate I/II compare to DA? I considered buying them a while ago, but held off...

    Baldurs Gate 2 is still definately worth playing, but it's a lot harder to get in to than DA.

    Baldurs Gate 1 is stale. Very stale.
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