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For the love of god, help me

Last response: in Motherboards
August 11, 2003 9:14:16 PM

I just bought and installed the INTEL D865PERL mobo w/ the p4 2.4ghz proc...All the componets are installed...I had a HD with XP installed already, but when I powered on, a blue screen w/ a bunch of error codes and whatnot appeared...It does not even begin to load windows...what the hell is going on?

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August 11, 2003 9:29:13 PM

reinstall windows, you dont have to format, just reinstall over the top of windows. yes thats the only thing you can do. cs game server -
August 12, 2003 5:31:11 AM

ok, that's not the only thing you can do, and it's not the only thing you should do.

First of all, take everything out that you don't absolutely need, leave your video card, hard drive, memory, and cd-rom drive, that's about it. Take out your sound card, network card, other hard drives, dvd-rw drives, cd-rw drives, etc. Now, completely format the drive, start over. Install windows with only these bare components in it, if it installs right, then reboot a few times, make sure everything's cool, then install other addon cards one at a time. If you find a problem that arises, you know it's a conflict caused by a certain component, so we can fix that problem then. Also, make sure your power supply is adequate enough to handle this. If you have a 250 watt power supply, it may cause errors. Make sure your temps in bios are alright also, make sure they're not too hot and your heatsink is properly installed. Make sure you set your bios to the default settings, don't try to overclock or anything yet, you want to make sure your system is absolutely stable before you try that. If ya have any other questions, jus reply to this message and i'll help ya out ;) 

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August 12, 2003 12:05:26 PM

Besides all that was told, there's one thing that you should allways have in mind: Windows with NT technology, such winXP and 2000, are very sensitive to quality and/or state of memory. Is your memory has a litle flaw, that you didnĀ“t even know that was there if you use it with win98 or Me, winXP will make you notice that. You can't simple install windows, or it will begin to crash.
Allways check if, jumpers, bios, and connections are ok, and if you have an apropriate power source, as someone just told you.
Well... I think you get my message. Forgive my english!
A portugese guy ;) 
Good luck
August 12, 2003 4:19:38 PM

Usually when swapping motherboards, it's best to just reformat and reinstall windows anyway.

I typically re-install windows every 4 months and reformat every 1-2 years. But i use my computer extensively.

I say a good schedule for the average person is a re-install of the OS each year and a reformat when you switch OS's (or if you are constantly hunting for space on your hard drive(s)).


I'm just your average habitual smiler =D
August 13, 2003 9:38:21 AM

heya Alien;

one thing these guys didnt mention is you can go through and change all your chipset drivers back to windows default and uninstall all your hardware, before you shut down the computer to install the new motherboard, this will make it so the transition is smooth to the best extent possible, it takes a hell of alot less time then formatting and reinstalling your OS.
Some may say you might as well just reinstall but you really dont have to, the only thing you may run into is XP saying you have hit your hardware changeout limit and tell you to goto hell but if that happens then o well atleast you tried, and IMO microsoft can goto hell for that one, i'll even give them directions.

August 13, 2003 2:07:10 PM

I have tried everything for this damn thing to work...all components out, total format of hd...I bought 2 sticks of 333mhz ddr...I don't overclock so I know its not that...when I boot of the XP cd to install, it starts up and begins to install, but I am still getting the blue screen with all sorts of off the top of my head was like 0x000000d1 or something like that...when I put my athlon XP board back in, it works fine...I have an antec sonata case w. a true 380watt p/s, so I know its not that either...Someone at my job told me that xp is not detecting the motherboard drivers or something...he lent me his w2k cd to try and see if it works...I've been w/o my pc for 5 days, I'm beginning to lose it, lol...guys, I appreciate all your help, I know I am new to the board but i've been coming to the site for years now...thanks again -John-
August 13, 2003 4:26:52 PM

What was your AXP mobo and CPU- RAM combination? But if you did a clean install of XP without luck and all your other components are working good with the AMD setup, the I suspect that maybe your board is shorted by a mounting pole that is not placed at the same place on your intel mobo. So you dont see it, but it makes contact between the case and somewhere on the mobo. If it is not that, then try another board.

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
August 13, 2003 5:45:04 PM

My AMD was a Iwill mobo w/ a 1800+ proc. w/ 512mb pc133 ram...kind of old huh? It's kind of a weird situation...The board and proc. I assume are working fine because it passes post and all the other steps, but when it goes to load windows, i get the blue screen w/ the errors...the thing w/ the xp install, it will not fully install, sometimes it crashes right in the beginning and sometimes it gets to the "saving settings" part of the installation. It has yet to pass that...during the installation, a few windows popped the ones where microsoft hasnt cert. drivers was for the mobo drivers...PCI Bridge, dual channel bridge or soemthing like that and all that other good stuff...I've changed many boards in my time, but have never seen anythnig like this...I'm gonna try the w2k cd when I get out of work. If that fails, getting a new mobo. thanks for all your help fellas!