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  2. but infinity and activision will lose a lot of money because of that. i dont want to play on server with 6 players i want 30 + player servers. many people canceled their pre orders and it will be more. its really shame for such a big developer to do that
  3. does CoD WaW have a dedicated server?
  4. its dissapointing, but won't stop me buying the game.

    i play console games online just as much as PC games, and i actually prefer the matchmaking systems in some respects.

    i would defiunetly like to have the option of dedicated servers, but being able to jump quickly into a game with people of a similar skill level, to what ever pre-defined rules i want is pretty great.
  5. Quote:
    i would defiunetly like to have the option of dedicated servers, but being able to jump quickly into a game with people of a similar skill level, to what ever pre-defined rules i want is pretty great.

    I understand what you are saying, but what are the chances of all of those things happening at once to get you in a game quickly? and with good latency.

    Thats where most people leave matchmaking behind because when you can find a Dedicated server('s) that fit those criteria you are just a Join button away.
  6. Games consoles - in particular PS3 owners manage just fine without dedicated servers - and still manage to have 32 player matches. All done using similar networking as P2P
  7. I own a PS3 and have never had more than 1 consecutive round of fun, good game play.

    I have 4 games i have tried to play. Madden, GTA4, Worms, and GH:WT.

    If i can find a game it takes 15-20 minutes most of the time and when i finally get to play it shuts down in the middle of game In all 4 games.

    On a PC i open the Game click the dedicated server with the people i know and settings i know and play for hours with only map load times in the way.

    Either PC users have been spoiled or console gamers dont know what they are missing.
  8. No, I won't. I'm not frothing at the mouth about it, but I do think it's removed one of the best things about online PC gaming. We have a dedicated COD:WaW server which we were going to move over to MW2. It's nice to know you have a server you know will be stable, low ping, and controlled. We were quite happy to pay for that privilege.
  9. Not getting, period. Trust me, try competing when half the clan is in NY, and the other half in California.

    We spent hours running Tracert commands to figure out the optimum location to put our dedicated BF2 server (Lousiania, it turns out). Anywhere else, and half our group was rendered unplayable (250+ ping, anything over 100 in unacceptable for competition). Now, we are at the mercy of wherever the server happens to be located.

    Nevermind COD is adding nothing NEW, and its split its user base over 3 games that are exactly the same in most all respects. Or the fact other FPS will make it obsolete within a few months, and the lack of any mod support will kill its lifespan.

    Frankly, all you need to do is look at how often you CAN'T play online on a PS3. Name one sports title that didn't have server issues when it first released? Madden constantly has laggy servers, etc.

    Won't buy it.
  10. I play Uncharted II, CoD4, GT5, NFS Shift among others on my PS3 and I have no complaints... Of course it is not as fun as playing it on the PC but you don't have the cheating issue as well. It has it's pros and cons...

    As far as laggy servers, maybe a lag spike every now n then but nothing to complain about. @gamerk, I have been playing PS3 online for about 2 years and it gets better as time goes by, bug fixes, updates, etc... Yesterday I played for about 2 hours and did not encounter any lag whatsoever... You may want to check your ISP or connection....

    I will buy CoD6 for thre PS3 and L4D2 for the PC......
  11. Yes i will be even wihtout dedicated servers. its just that they screw the pc world over. now we cant paly with out clan mates... its more fun iwth freinds right?.. w/e i hope they straighten out this crap b4 it comes out or atleast make the customers happy by fixing it idk
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