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I have recently got a copy for Borderlands. Me and my friend that lives out of state are trying to host a server and play online. but of coarse we get the timeout error. I found a list of ports that alot of people say they opened on routers to fix this issue. I have done this and so has my friend to no success. Also we both disabled our windows firewalls.

ports forwarded
7777 (TCP/UDP)
28900 (TCP)
27900 (UDP)
28910 (TCP)

When i remove the router out of the factor everything works fine. I just dont want todo this because its annoying and plus i have another PC on my network that my Girlfriend uses to play the same game. Same also on my friends side. If ne one has found other solutions for this issue please let me know.
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    I had the same issue. My friend gave me those same ports to forward on my router. I made the changes and then was able to connect and host games just fine. No more time-outs. Not sure why that is not working for you. Definitely your router though. What type of router is it? I just run a Linksys WRT54G.
  2. Mines and oldschool Linksys BEFW11S4. But i found another thing that seems to work with out me and my friends use this and it works very well and we dont have to mess with ports or worry about that.
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