Simple file encryption software??

hi i was wondering if someone could recommend some simple and free file encryption software.

basically i just want something where I can right click a folder in windows 7 and choose "encrypt" or something similar, and then be able to enter a password. then from that point forward, when i try to click on that folder it will prompt me for that password before it will let me view it.

i don't need to encrypt entire volumes, just a few folders here and there

any suggestions?
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  1. Windows encryption BitLocker is available in the Enterprise or Ultimate editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.



    Other encryption software
  2. i didn't get either of those editions - i went with professional. that's why i was looking for a 3rd party solution
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    The top video on the page linked below shows how to password protect a folder in Vista. Maybe 7 has a similar feature.

    For stronger encryption, TrueCrypt is the open source encryption software you want - I just don't know if they have updated to include Windows 7 yet.
  4. thanks fo the reply - i knwo it can be done using winrar or winzip but thats kind of a pain because i have to unzip it every time i want to access it and if i want to add files to the folder its not as simple as just dropping them in like with a standard folder. its close but just a bit more tedious than i was hoping for.

    i saw trueCrypt but when i tried to install it, it said that its not compatible with windows 7 and wont be until some time after its official release date. bummer
  5. Nothing is as easy & simple as Encryption Wizard, Coming from the Air Force Research Lab it can be trusted more that freeware from a lesser-known source.
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