a7n8x deluxe sound.... again!

Sound is working only in games, avi and mp3. But other sounds aren't played, for example: icq, messenger, windows, etc.

The drivers appear to be ok. When I try to play one of those windows wav (error, asterisk, battery low, login, shutdown, etc), the following message is shown:

"Windows cannot play sound c:\windows\media\<file>.wav. The sound card might be in use."

But the c:\windows\main wav files are played when I use Winamp3.

What's going on?

My specs:
asus a7n8x-dlx 2.0 bios 1003
geforce4 ti4200
det 43.45
nForce 2.45

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  1. sounds to me like you have no wave codec...or it is corrupted...you could try reinstalling windows...just reinstall over the current installation

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
  2. first you go to the control panel/add remove..../windows components...
    Remove the audio codec. Then restart you computer and reinstall the audio codec. There is no need for a full windows intallation

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  3. you forgot :evil:

    However i suppose that would be a simpler solution...or you could remove it and open a wav file...that way windows media player could download the codec for ya...could be you have a scratched CD

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  4. hehe I wanted to add it but couldn't find the syntax for it in the FAQ.

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  5. put devil in []its not there...

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  6. One thing is to make sure that if using the integrated sound to not have other sound card with drivers installed in. Had that issue with this mobo and dumping all the sound blaster software cured it.

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  7. I'll be damned!!! This is what happened:

    I have an aha-2940au adapter, however, its bios would not load. Sata was enabled onboard (jumper SATA_EN1). Sata's bios was loaded instead of aha-2940's. After WinXP install, no soundcards were found, just the nForce audio codec interface. So I disabled SATA (jumper SATA_EN1). Aha2940au and sound device were found and respective drivers loaded.

    HOWEVER, the default device for sound playing (reproduction) was set as Modem #0, instead of "nvidia nForce audio". That was a leftover of the initial installation, when SATA was enabled and WinXP couldn't find the sound device.

    Very simple. I confess I was scared.
    Thank you very much for your time!!!

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