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was looking for a good 3d shooter similar to crysis that has great graphics and a great story line..

is call of duty 4 modern warfair any good?
I downloaded far cry 2 but that story line sucks..

any suggestions?

Resident evil 5 was great too, almost finihsed with that
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  1. im referring to pc games
  2. Half Life 2 series, Fallout 3 is decent, Cod 4 is pretty much just a mindless spray and pray shooter.
  3. Try hitman series, IGI, havent played far cry yet but heard its good
  4. bioshock,borderlands,fallout 3
  5. If u want a kick ass shoote, with a story line that would blow ur head off go for; STALKER: shadow of chernobly, and, STALKER: clear sky, best fps's iv ever played, it has an awesome atmosphere and is a mix of RPG and FPS. Be warned tho, ur specs should be high as it is a big game and has very high requ.
  6. ladboy, I was looking well would that run on a core i7 950 with quadfire 4870x2's?..
    I have been playing cof4 modern warefare just the graphics seem 07 ish..
    im looking for a game or games that have great or good story lines, great graphics to run well on my core i7 system and that are fun..

    i have far cry 2 but since the story sucks the game is eh..

    so we have stalker, fallout 3, cryostsis, bioshock, any others ?
    What my problem is that i enjoyed crysis so much that im looking for a replacement since i finished both crysis and crysis warhead..
    i dont think there is a replacement or is there?

    by replacement something comparable..

  7. i dont think theres much that wont run on your system mate, so dont worry about that :P

    i HIGHLY recomend bioshock. its one of my favourite games, and has an excellent storyline.

    fallout 3 is good, but its an RPG more than an FPS.

    its not first person, but i also recomend red faction guerrilla. the story is good, and destroying buildings is fun. its starts a little slow but give it a chance and it gets very fun.
  8. I second the recommendation for Half Life 2. It still looks amazing and has the best storyline I've seen in a game. Probably my favorite game series of all time.

    As for crysis, not much that will be able to replace that for a while, I think... :) Very good game.
  9. Allow me to play devil's advocate here... who purchases an i7 950 with crossfired 4870x2s and isn't aware of what games are out there? I apologize if this is offensive, but that is a seriously expensive gaming rig, and that sort of investment without a target software choice, seems like, well, bullsh!t.
  10. The entire Half Life saga from the beginning (including the 2 spin-offs).

    And if you're lucky Black Mesa Source will be released soon so you get HL1 in all its Source rebuilt glory!
  11. LePhuronn said:
    And if you're lucky Black Mesa Source will be released soon so you get HL1 in all its Source rebuilt glory!

    What was the last we heard on dates for that?
  12. I agree with the half life crowd. I am playing HL2 series now and love it. Not to mention that you can get the games for cheap.
  13. As suggested; The whole Half life saga.

    I also enjoyed FEAR, Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate, although not massively story driven.
  14. mi1ez said:
    What was the last we heard on dates for that?

    The official trailer released early this year says "2009". The devs on Twitter apparently have said "we WILL launch 2009".

    It's now November, so I reckon we're looking at December 31st 2009 (they've not even finished the Gluon Gun yet, but what they have planned for the stream effect should be mint)
  15. fallout3 nd S.T.A.L.K.E.R are good games
  16. go for stalker series
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