CIT Vantage X11 Midi tower Gaming case 3.5" HDD cage mod (side facing HDD's)


I currently have the following case for my Rig:CIT Vantage X11 Midi tower Gaming case, & here is a review of sonex spire 6010 (which is basically the same midi tower pc case but does not have 2 fans on the side panel with a side switch & mesh filters) case:

anyway just wondering is there any way I would be able to rotate the 4 lower 3.5 HDD bays to face sideways as this would give me more space for longer Graphics card & also would not intefere with my HDD's, Heres a quick pic i edited to get a rough idea cos i couldnt be bothered to use photoshop :P, system above is not mine but case is the same, my system specs are:

Core i7 960 3.2GHz
8GB G.skill Ripjwas X 1600MHz RAM (2x4GB)
GA X58 UD3R Motherboard
WD Caviar blue 1TB 6GBps
XFX/ATI Radeon HD5770 1GB GDDR5 (Reference Model)
Samsung 22x Lightscribe DVD RW Drive
CIT Vantage midi tower Gaming Case
XFX 750 Watt Core Edition Full Wired Power Supply 80+ Bronze
Arctic cooling Freezer Pro 7 Rev 2

also would really apprecaite any Opinions/Suggestions from someone who owns this case or if anyone has any suggestions on how to mod this it would be greatly appreciated :D as I have never modded a PC case before
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  1. Hi,

    Sorry in advance for being unable to help you with your query. But i'd like to add mine in the hope anyone with this case can help advise me too!

    I'm looking to buy this case for my first build. It seems to be the best equipped for the price and my only concern is the build quality and whether its size is enough for my set-up.

    I want to add an i-5 2500k processor, an Asus P8Z68 V Le (or Pro) motherboard, A Cpu Cooler (Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 or Corsair A50) and Corsair Vanquish or G.Skills Ripjaw Ram (2x4gb). An Ocz Stealthstream 600w Psu and obviously the various drives to complete the set-up (but i'm assuming they'll be approximately of a similar size regardless of spec. Hope that's not naivety on my part!).

    Bar two glowing reports on amazon i can't find a review for this case anywhere but i'm also aware their cheapest models (which include an awful psu) have been slammed for the build quality.

    Sorry again for not addressing your question at all but any help would be greatly appreciated. Also i'm wondering if your question would get a greater response if it wasn't in the deals - classifieds section of the forum. I'm no expert so this might not be relevant but it might help you?

    Good luck with finding your answer and modifications in general.
  2. For the OP.

    I've got the white version of the case. Mine has a section that can be unbolted to allow for longer graphics card when placed in the pci slot. Removing the side that the motherboard fits on reveals it. Doesn't that help rather than cutting up the frame?


    I've just done a similar build with this case
    i5 2500k, asus p8z68 v LX, kingston hyperx 8gb (2x4), + coolermaster v6 gt.

    Bought it to match our decor and I refuse to pay £100+ for a case.

    All in all build quality is good for the price. I prefer it to my other box that has a partial clear side panel as it just feels cheap and fragile. Inside the case is fine also, SD card ready slot is a good touch and usb slots at the top front make for easy access. Also part of the HDD caddys can be unscrewed to allow for larger graphic cards.

    One thing to watch out for is the width. Firstly its something like 190mm outer width, many higher prices cases are like 210+ or something and as the 2 side fans are quite thick, about 2.5 cm this doesn't leave much room for a tall heat sink fan once mobo is installed.

    Ive got the freezer pro at home actually, didn't install because I lost the intel mounts, anyway, I think tho any HS with 12cm fan wont fit with the 2 side fans attached, my v6 GT touches the side without fans! but its a nice snug fit ! freezer pro will fit with the side fans because its 92mm fan so should give you 1 - 1.5 cm gap.

    If I hadn't already bought the CM v6 gt before getting the case I'd have got a low profile hsf instead probably the Noctua NH-L12
  3. @ditman

    thanks for your response

    I know that when removing the side panel for the motherboard the case has a removable plastic section held on by two thumbscrews to install longer cards, when i said longer graphics i meant that by roating the hdd cages i would have more space to install a longer graphics card without removing the plastic section as opposed to default hdd cage design, e.g. with the hdd cages as they are now (default design i can install a card up to around 250mm &(320mm removing plastic part), but if rotated the hdd cages i would be able to install a card up to 275mm approx (without removing the plastic section) & up to the end of the case if removed the plastic part, I was also wanting to rotate the HDD cages around so the hdd's dont intifere with my Mobo etc as the hdd's pertrude about 1-2cm on my motherboard, what i am saying is that if a hdd was in a slot near a pci-e slot then the space for the GPU would be further limited as the hdd would be using space on mobo ( probably almost touching each other depending on the size of the graphics card), so if the hdd cages were roatated like then the hdd's would just be able to slide into the hdd cage & not intifere with anything at all. on the left hand side of hdd cage i would reuse the plastic section which can be removed so i would be able to install even longer graphics cards (275mm +)

    I agree this Case has fairly good build quality & definitely much better than Cheaper CIT cases (so i dont think its made by CIT specifically), Here is a review of a case called the sonex Spire 6010 which is available for European Market, its basically the same case but does not come with the 2 120mm fans with led swith on the side panel //

    also sijin Had pm telling me he chosen the antec three hundred two case
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