Nvidia Geforce 9600 Gso 512mb, max out MW2 from the info you guys have

like the title i wana know if this card would possibly be able to run Call of duty: modern warfare 2 maxed out, if you guys are unable to say whether it due to lack of info, or the specs about the game are unclear let me know. cheers

Sorry for posting this in the wrong sub catagory :lol:
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  1. by using COD4 / COD5 as a general guide line I would have to say no it wont run everything on high for MW2 - you might have to compromise on a few of the detail settings.

    Though how much of a compromise you need to make will only become apparent when MW2 hits the shelves
  2. i can run cod4 and cod 5 maxed out no worrys, ty 4 ur input
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