HDD for PS3?

Which hard can I use to replace the one in my PS3? I am asking this because I dont want to open the PS3 without voiding my warrenty. So I neeed to know what kind of model 2.5HDD I need. If it is a 5400rpm or can I use a 250gb 7200rpm HDD? Is it SATA or IED?
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  1. Replacing the HDD doesn't void the warranty.

    It is a 2.5" SATA HDD.

    Western Digital Scorpio Blue 640GB - $139.99

    ^That's the largest HDD you can put in the PS3 right now.
  2. try to stick to a 5400rpm drive as the faster 7200 rpm drives produce more heat.

    I swapped by 80gb drive for a Samsung Spint Point F1 - 500gb and works a treat
  3. I have a WD Scorpio Blue 320Gb drive in my PS3, have not had 1 issue so far....
  4. thanks... got a 250gb WD
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