I am unable to delete my unused second partition

Hello, all. I purchased an ASUS N81Vp recently,


I don't recall that it shipped originally with two partitions on the hard drive, but one of the first things I did was to install a copy of Windows 7 I had obtained through the student promotion last year. I don't recall opting (or even being given the option) to set up a second partition after reformatting or while installing the new OS, but by the end of the process I had an 80GB C: drive, and a 200GB D: drive. Since then I've been using the D: drive for media storage, but now the C: drive has filled and (we come to the heart of the matter) I can't fit a new game installation on it. Rather that having to keep track of where I've installed each program from here on out, I'd like to reintegrate the space from my D: drive back into the C: drive. I've already cleaned out the D: drive of anything useful, but when I got to Storage in Computer Management, the option to delete the D: drive is grayed out. I see the drive as empty in Explorer, but it's only listed as 98% free under Properties.

Does this mean I have some sort of hidden system files on my D: drive? How might I best proceed? Would deleting the drive from an elevated command prompt be safe in this situation, or should the fact that the option is grayed out as a warning sign and prepare to reformat and reinstall the OS? Thank you for any insight or advice you might have, and I'm sorry if this isn't quite the right section for this question.
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  1. There can be a number of things on the D: drive.

    First, did you enable hidden items in your folder view?

    Also, anything that was deleted from drive D may be in the recycle bin (located on drive D). There may also be system restore information that you do not need if the system is keeping track of the D drive.

    I suggest you run CCleaner after making sure to erase any hidden files. You should be ok deleting the partition but I suggest you make a backup just in case.
  2. Looks like there are 2 partitions on the hdd "C" and "D" ???, "D" would be the extended partition into which you might create logical drives ,d,e.f etc,, if "D" is the rest of the hdd you can not delete it only use it as an extended partition with one or more logical drives, "C" is your "active" partition, under DOS/Windoze there can only be one "active" partition per hdd..:)
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