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Ok you early purchasers. I have read about 20 reviews and am starting to get a mixed feeling on Dragon Age. While I know most of you haven't had much time with it, what do you think? Any buggy-ness to it. Enjoying the gameplay or storyline? How do you feel about the graphics, based on how they look and how the setting "feels". I don't have a lot of extra money right now, so if I'm going to drop $50 (or $65 for the CE) I need some "real people" to give me their feelings on the game. Thanks in advance!
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    I took off early yesterday from work so I could play when DA: O unlocked on Steam. Bought the digital collectors edition preorder some time ago. To preface this I am a huge fan of Bioware and single player RPG games, I have played pretty much every Bioware game up until now and this in my opinion is their best.

    I played for maybe 6 hours last night and was thoroughly enthralled with the story line. Graphics wise no it is not the most groundbreaking graphics engine ever used but it looks darn good, and when it breaks into an ingame cut scene you really get sucked in. I had to force myself not to call in sick today because I wanted to stay home and play. I ran into no bugs in my playtime so far. DLC is handled well and it ran crash free the entire time I played, I only restarted the game after some DLC finished downloading it dropped me a message in game telling me it was done and for it to work I needed to save and restart.

    I found myself turning down the TV and telling my wife to stop yacking my ear off so I could hear the ingame dialogue something I rarely do, usually I pay more attention to the TV when I am gaming. My wife I always tell to shoosh :)

    The in party banter between the characters is great, my party members even make comments to Dog and he replies with growls and barks depending on his mood.

    The only thing I don't like so far is the new system they have developed, I have always been comfortable with the D&D rule set in games, this one is just foreign enough to make things sort of rough feeling. I don't mean the system itself is bad, I mean I am just not comfortable with it yet, I am sure it will pass after I understand the mechanics a bit more. The system is interesting but after 6 hours I already feel like I hosed up my character with my skill and point spending through the levels. It will take a bit or research for me to get a good feel for the mechanics so I can shake the "I screwed up my character" feeling.

    Unless something horrible happens game wise in the next few days like the story goes to crap or some crazy technical issue pops up this game could easily be the best single player RPG I have ever played.
  2. how big is the game world?
  3. Once I beat and grow tired of Borderlands, I will definitely pick up this game. I have only read good things about the PC version. The console version isn't bad, but lacks a couple features the PC version has (better graphics, over-head camera angle, keyboard/mouse is a better "feel")
  4. daviduk109 said:
    how big is the game world?

    No idea, I am only about 6 hours in and I think I have only scratched the surface.

    I also suspect that because the editing tools for this game are so robust that we will see some really really good player made content in the coming months.
  5. Thanks chillwolf for the good info. I REALLY want to pick it up, I know it's not going to get cheaper anytime soon. Just haven't worked in so long, justifying to myself, let alone my wife is pretty tough. Thanks again for the thoughtful write-up.
  6. I've played about 5ish hours over the last few days and just wanted to echo the sentiments shared by above. This game is absolutely amazing, and I can’t imagine myself playing through it less than half a dozen times over the next few months. Coupled with the mod community and long-term replay value..... The cutscenes are movie-like in scope (while not QUITE perfect in graphics, they are leagues above any other non-FPS i've played recently), The characters and voice-acting are fantastic, and everything about it feels polished and lovingly done. I also considered taking off work today to play it, the game is remarkably addicting.

    I think most reviews have stated its a 40 hour game if you race through, 60 hours ish if you play regularly, and 90+ if you pursue every quest. Each of the 6 racial backgrounds have 1-2 hours of play and are supposed to modify the responses of people around you (so far they certainly do, I've noticed)

    The only “Bug” I could think of is minor tearing when I run on “Very High” models (running i7 920 w/ 5870 on a 1080p, so I was surprised at that), turning down to “High” resolved it. My only non-bug pet-peeve to date is the conversation system- I wish it would zoom into conversations. Instead, it jumps to the characters face... which highlights the massive attention to detail (so far every character's facial expressions have matched the voice acting fairly precisely), but is rather jarring/annoying if you accidentally click on someone.

    I agree, the non-DND combat/RPG system is a bit foreign, but by level 4 or so I had the hang of it and a better understanding of what I wanted to do. I think the new system is a good change overall, much more conducive to constant playing without the need for repeated resting.
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