PS problem,pls help!

I am building my 1st pc and have the following assembled so far:
- MSI 865PE Neo2LS motherboard
- GEIL PC3200 DDR memory
- Albatron GeForce 4 Ti4200 AGP graphics card
- Intel 2.4c CPU with heat sink and fan
- Case with Duro 400W switching power supply

I have everything except memory and graphics card plugged into the case. When I connect the cord of the power supply to the mains, nothing happens, the power supply fan moves about 1 cm and then stops, CPU fan does not move.

Yes, I did connect the 20-pin cable from the PS to the motherboard's ATX power supply connector and also PS's 12V connector to the MB's 4-pin connector that provides power to the CPU. And I have also ensured that the PS is switched to 115V and not 220V.

Am i doing something wrong or is this power supply DOA? Do I need to connect everything (including graphics card and memory) also to the motherboard to test the power supply?

Pls help, I still consider myself a rookie as this is my 1st PC build project....:-)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Install the memory and try again. If no change then check the motherboard for any short circuits. Might also check the voltages coming off the power supply. You will need to ground two pins on the motherboard power connector to do this. Not sure which ones. Someone else know?
    If all else fails, remove the motherboard and try powering it outside the case.
  2. Need Connected;
    CPU and heatsink/fan
    Graphics card and Monitor to graphics card, if you plan to see whats going on.

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  3. Connecting the power supply doesn't start the system, it simply puts the system in standby mode waiting for you to use the power switch on the motherboard, which is a 2 pin header that connects to your power switch on the case. If you have that connected properly and it won't power up after using it, you might have a grounded board.

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