Gigabyte 8KNXP making beeping noises

Just built a new system with the following:
Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard
Mushkin DDR 400 module pair, 1 GB total
Dual Maxtor 160 GB hard drives
GF4 MX440 (yuk) video 64 MB
Centron DVD-RW
Windows XP build 2600 with all applicable updates

My problem is an intermittent beeping noise. This noise
mainly occurs when doing ANYTHING. When idle, the noises
do not occur. The manual vaguely talks about error beeps,
but the beeps I hear might be once, twice, or as much
as six times. Any ideas?
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  1. The beepps the manual talks about are just at start-up and if you hear them your computer won't boot, so that's not it. First of all, what makes you think it's the motherboard? Eny program can use the PC-speaker to make beeps. IMO it's a program that monitors sys temps, I use Winbond Hardware Doctor and it makes sometimes makes some unexplained beeps.
    Do this:
    Start -> Run -> "taskmgr" -> Processes
    Arrange them by "User Name" and start closing processes that have your user name next to them: Windows won't let you close processes that will harm you in any way (it will show a warning before you close any process but ignore it). Don't close explorer.exe, svchost, svshost, iexplorer.exe. If the problem did stop, identify the process that was making the beeps then run msconfing and take it off the start-up tab.
    If anything goes wrong when closing processes just reboot and all the processes will be there again.

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  2. Thanks. I uninstalled all the hardware monitoring
    and gigabyte programs, and turned it off in Bios.
    The beeping stopped. I will now go forwards one
    at a time to find the problem.
  3. the bleeping is caused by the smart fan function found in the bios. Turn it off and that should sort it out!

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