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problem, my pc: Vista 64bit, Intel Core 2 Duo e8600 3.33ghz, Nvidia GTX 260 OC, 4 Ram 800mhz,
I passed the Crysis game already, but now Im replaying it and after a few levels, It crashes with this message: System Failure, Memory Dump Error, saving to hardrive C. and then when it reboots I get this link to the error. I have no Idea what is going on with my pc, PS help me!!!!!!C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP

Thanks!!! you can Email me at:
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  1. Have you updated your video driver since the last time you played? Your system is exactly the same (no hardware or driver changes)?

    It sounds like a hardware or driver conflict to me...
  2. I just installed a month ago the Intel core 2 duo E8600 3.33ghz, and the video card has been in it for a year. However I have good news, when I installed the CPU i had to remove my RAM, and put it back again. So yesturday I checked that it was correctly installed, so i reinstalled it again, and today I ran Crysis and nothing happened. Played supper smooth at high settings. So Im guessing that it was faulty. I havent encountered the blue screen of death anymore. Hope its gone for good. otherwise I will go for a new RAM
  3. Great news. Happy gaming... ;)
  4. yeahh dude, back to good. Later in the new year I want to build a new G-PC with i7 and GTX 295, along with Windows 7. And finally OC my CPU. Im saving $1500. Think its enough.
  5. I would skip the 295. Get a direct x11 card such as the Fermi. Windows 7 is a direct x11 OS so it only makes sense to get a card that will utilize it.
  6. Yeahh I just looked it up, not a bad Idea. I hope Crysis 2 Runs on DX11. That game is the reason why Im building a new pc
  7. WOw, that GPU is going to be extremely powerfull. Hope it supports DX11
  8. importuner said:
    yeahh dude, back to good. Later in the new year I want to build a new G-PC with i7 and GTX 295, along with Windows 7. And finally OC my CPU. Im saving $1500. Think its enough.

    Unless you change GFX cards more often than once every two years, I'd drop the 295 from consideration. Although DX10 was a complete non factor, most expect Dx11 to be better. However, DX11 won't start to matter for at least 2 years. Yes, the 295 is still "top dog" but the 5870x2 should unseat it around thanksgiving.

    Best bet for you, assuming you have 3 PCI-E slots may be to grab a pair of 5850's in Xfire and use your existing 260 as a dedicated PhysX card.,8786.html
  9. dude, definitely, Ive been looking at ATI's for a while and I want to try them out. ALways had Nvidia. Ill take your advise into consideration. Thanks. The only problem I have now is that I dont have a job, so in order to get $500+, ima have to look for one. But as soon as I get the $ im investing it in all that high end hardware. Yeahh I dont think games are coming out for DX11 for a few more months.
  10. DX11 games are already growing. It will take off 10x times faster than DX10:

    Programmers are actually excited by the new capabilities DX11 brings and the new video card releases to support it. DX11 is the way to go, don't waste your money on a DX10 card...
  11. those games look AWESOME. cant wait, its going to be an intense summer
  12. Hello everyone,

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