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Hello all,

Quick question. I have an Asus P4T533-C motherboard.

Typically I have the Speech POST Reporter disabled, however I enabled it the other day to troubleshoot an issue.

The voice is VERY faint and sounds tinny (like a low sample rate). Is this normal? I have the jumpers set up to go to the line-in of the onboard sound card. I have tried moving it to the buzzer/speaker which sounds a little better, but still very difficult to comprehend (I would rather it go to the line-in though).

I played with the Winbond Voice Editor, and the playback of the samples there is WAY better than what I am getting during POST.

Is this normal for this feature, or is there something wrong with this feature on my motherboard?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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  1. On my p4s533, there were 2 jumpers that affected the speech reporter. Check your manual and see if your jumpers are set correctly. One of the jumpers reduced the sound as you describe, but I don't know if your board is setup the same way.
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