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How to get old express mail onto new W7 PC?

Our old PC crashed, but our data from outlook express was rescued along with the rest of our pc (minus software ofcourse). Now our new computer is here we need to access our old emails, but outlook wont open it and we can't download express again. Any solutions on how to get express emails onto a new computer without the outlook express program?

(How do I know even if my emails were saved? There is a folder of outlook express bits but I can't determine what is what, and outlook doesn't recognise any of the files).
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  1. So you've got the Outlook Express folders which have ".dbx" files in them, right?

    It's been a few years since I've used the full version of Outlook, but I'm thinking that you might use one of the following tools to convert the Outlook Express files to "mbox" format - that's an industry standard format that Outlook might be able to import.
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    Hi SeattleSubscriptions - You can also try importing the emails into Windows Live Mail -

    Let us know what happens!

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. Aha! I had to search to see where the .dbx files were being stored- I thought they must have been lost as there were none in the Outlook Express folder in the backed up User folder.

    Another site answer said they were in applications but I still couldn't find them based on the directions given, so I searched the whole computer for .dbx files and found a remote section containing all the files.

    I then went to windows mail, pressed alt to give me the drop down menu headings, and followed the directions in file... import... etc. I had the right folder to select and all emails were successfully imported.

    I was previously trying to import to outlook but it could not find any email files to import. I didn't try it again once I found the files, I used the windows mail so cannot tell you if it would work into outlook (though not sure why it wouldn't).

    Thanks for reading, hope this helps someone else sometime.
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