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I have my second alienware 17 because of stuttering. It has 2 ati cards quad 4 processor, 6 gigs of memory and 64 bit operating system and I have been through vista to windows 7. After a certain amount of play it stutters audio and fps drops to nothing. On random nights I get several hours of great play. Cod 4 and 5 left for dead. But most of the time after a short time I get a stutter that brings the game to a stop. I have installed and reinstalled all of the drivers and done it with and without alienware support help and have done it multiple times in all orders. I have also been the upgrade the bios route. Support has been great. They have even built me a new computer all upgraded. Same problem. I have sent them the many sites that talk about it being a heat problem and they are looking for the "right" heat sink. I have tried to put a laptop cooler under the machine but I don't think it helped. The only difference I see with windows 7 is that the frequency of the audio break up has changed to a reverb sound instead of high pitched static. I have no clue what that means! It seems to get worse with increase time and increase action but then out of the blue it runs upto the time I must restart. I have had this problem with nothing installed but a logitech z9 mouse and a zmerc keyboard so I reset the system to factory and played without keyboard or mouse - eventually the same problem occurs. This laptop is fully loaded and I am beginning to wonder if that is the probem. Any Ideas?
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  1. Can you use a utility program that records your GPU temps while you play and then after the stutters you can go back to confirm if the problem is heat related?
  2. That sounds like a good idea but I am not sure what program is best and how to do it.
  3. Try PCWizard.
  4. u have 2 cards. i dont think u shud have a problem unless its defected hardware.
  5. Laptops were never really designed to be used as ‘high grade long term gaming machines’
    Cooling and over heating is most likely one of the problems, followed closely by lacking and unstable power. They’re many reporting the same problem as you are with the M17 cross the net.
    Did you read any reviews before buying?
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