What graphics card?

I have a $160 budget.
My specs: (HP Pavilion Media Center a1410n)
-Athlon 64 3800+ 2.4Ghz Venice (single core)
-2GB ram
-GeForce 6150LE (failure, i know.)
-1440x900 resolution

I want to be able to play crysis. Also cod4 at hopefully max settings?
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  1. Looks like that comp supports PCI-E from the specs I saw online.

    I would recommend getting a $100-$130 video card and then spend the rest of the money on more memory (max 4gig). Granted you will only use 3.5 of 4 but 3.5 is way better than 2.

    Toms has posted,2464.html#xtor=RSS-182 for your pleasure
    and you can compare cards at

    If you really want to play Crisis, save your money and get a better comp. The Single Core is really going to hurt your performance.
  2. Jgiron is correct. If Crysis is your goal, save up for a new PC altogether.

    But if that simply isn't an option, I recommend:

    Sapphire HD 5770 - $169.99

    This is $10 above your budget but it will run Crysis well at your resolution and you get DX11 for future games (if you move up to Windows 7) and it's easy on your PSU.
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    as others have said, cryssi isnt going to run very well on that system. even if you upgrade the video card, the CPU will still not be up to par for anything more than the lowest specs (and probably still not very good framerates).

    id recomend a 4770 as a graphics card though, for good budget performance. anything mroe poweful than that will most likely be bottlenecked by your processor anyway.
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