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Where can i sell my old pc parts?

Hi guys,

First thing i could not figure out where to ask this question..This place seemd the most appropriate.

Now, i have a lot of pc junk at my home like a speaker, and i am thinking of buying a new cpu case but i dont know what to do about the old one..i dont think anyone would buy these stuff so i am looking for companies or groups who might take my pc parts for a sum of money. i mean there are companies which take old mobiles and sell them after repair that is there any such group who might do the same about my pc parts??

I live in India so guys pls tell about any Indian group or company..

Last thing i dont have a ebay account so that option is not open..

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  1. It's extremely hard to sell old pc parts because of how much pc technology has advanced in the past few years. A processor from 3 or more years ago is literally NOTHING compared to even the cheapest processor nowadays. No one wants old pc cases, they're worth less than $5 new for the manufacturing company that made it. DDR2 RAM is outdated. Everyone uses DDR3 RAM nowadays because it's nearly twice as fast and twice as cheap. No one would want a really old video card because compared to video cards these days, like the cpu, they are pretty much nothing at all in value. Unless you have something like a 5770 or a 5850 but I get the feeling you don't and even those, you wouldn't get very much money but you would find buyers for them. Not sure where you could sell them though. Motherboards have very specific sockets so if you have an old CPU that no one wants (which I'm 99% sure you do) then no one will want the motherboard, not even companies. A hard drive might get something but if it's IDE, which is now outdated by SATA, the price is going to be very minimal.

    The truth of it all is that companies might take old mobiles and sell them but that's because an old flip cell phone is just about as good as a new one and it would do it's job. An old pc is not anywhere near as good as a newer one due to very large technological advances so unless you want to sell your pc as a whole then you will get MAYBE $20 on the parts but most likely less. Even if you do sell your pc as a whole the most you can expect is $100 and most likely it's going to be below that. I can't think of any companies that would take old pc parts.

    Just trying to help here, not trying to be rude. Hope it does help,

  2. Unfortunately old PCs are not worth the cost of disposal in most cases - and they are being shipped by the boatload to be dumped anywhere that a cheap disposal location can be found so chances are if it is very old hardware you're not going to be able to sell it and even finding a place to dump it can wind up costing you money as noone wants it. Here in the US most companies wind up donating them to some charity for a tax write off to avoid having to spend money to properly dispose of them and even when giving them away it gets hard to find a charity that will take them if it is older products.

    Plus the reason that old cell phones are taken is they have trace amounts of gold, silver and other elements that can be recycled at a profit with current gold prices which is not the case with old computer parts due to the bulkiness and costs of shipping\storing the parts.
  3. rip what ever copper you can out of thing and sell them, sometimes you will find some gold also on cpus/ram
  4. In the US there are people who are willing to take old busted PCs for free.
    DDR2 may be outdated, but it is actually worth more than DDR3 right now.

    The price for DDR2 is almost double the price of DDR3 right now:
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    Check cragslist allot of people will buy ddr2 right now, Even a local pc shop here in my town is buying ddr2
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