abit nf7-s problems... cant install windows xp pro

i just got a whole new system, with abit nf7-s rev2... barton 2500+... seagate 80G sata-150 8mb cache... radeon 9600 pro and the bios finds the sata drive on bootup but when i goto install windows it claims it cant find a hard drive when i know its there... so has this happened to any1 b4? and does any1 know how to fix it? ive got a installation disk for SATA but it says it needs a windows installed.... so... im stuck at the moment...

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  1. heya mike;

    As you probably know Windows XP was released before SATA and includes no native support for it in its current build.

    To solve this problem you may Press F-8 during setup initialization and choose to install an SATA controller driver.
    The actual message says something like, "Press F-8 if you wish to install a 3rd party SCSI controller driver, or other 3rd party Drivers" , this will allow you to install your SATA drivers.
    The driver required is on the disk that came with your Motherboard.

  2. hey thanks for that ... i got it working and its formatting it in NTFS right now... btw it was f6 not f8 :) i spotted it at the bottom after i was pushing f8....anyways thanks its all working now... just setting it up.... gonna get my cooling equipment during the week... and on the weekend gonna start overclocking :) or the weekend after.... depends.. anyways thanks again...
  3. heya Mike;

    Im glad i could help, please feel free to come back to Toms Hardware Guide Community if you have any other problems or questions, I and others in the community will be more then happy to help you out.

    ps. F-8...F-6 whats the difference...oh yeah its a different key, and skips the installation of ACPI...OOPS!

    /me Chuckles Sorry about that.

  4. im not sure if i pushed f8.... if i did wats ACPI? and is that bad? ..? hmmm lol o wells... i can probably fix it later tho... cant i?
  5. heya Mike;

    Dont worry about it, if the setup did skip the installation of ACPI it would inform you of the deviation from regular setup procedures.

    On some motherboards the installation of ACPI will halt the setup because of either lack of support from the motherboard, or a different version then the OS supports. Pressing F-8 skips the installation of ACPI and allows you to complete the setup, so that you may install the version of ACPI that your motherboard requires later.

    If this ever happens to you, now you know how to get around it.

    I didnt mean to confuse you but this information may prove to be handy in the future.

  6. ok thanks... i got windows installed and it works fine...just isntalling stuff now
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