Game of the year. What's it going to be?

It's almost time for the annual " wut is teh most 1337" game of the year awards. I was just wondering what games you guys think will be nominated, and which one you either want, or think will win. I think that Assassin's Creed 2, DA:Origins, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, and Halo:ODST, will be up this year, and I am hoping that Dragon Age takes it. I haven't palyed the game yet, but I've heard great things so far, besides I think alot of us rpg enthusiasts have been waiting for another Baldur's Gate-esque game from Bioware.
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  1. New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

    Don't sleep on this one.
  2. Space Invaders by Taito.
  3. Pc gaming or console gaming?
  4. L4D2 and Crysis.
  5. Crysis came out 2 years ago.
  6. Splinter Cell Convicted.You got a love Sam Fisher.
  7. Having had a bit of time with it, I have to say Dragon Age : Origins. I was prepared to be cynical, but I'm really impressed. I am a bit disappointed with the DLC implementation though.
  8. If the biggest GOTY awards were handed out to anything that wasn't multi-plat, i would put Uncharted 2 in that list.

    Since they aren't, how about the ubiquitous MW2 guess?
  9. From what I've played so far, Dragon Age Origins looks pretty good but I'll hold off on a final opinion until after L4D2 is out. Lots of good games this year but nothing that really grabbed me as special until I started playing Dragon Age this week. In fact most of my gaming time this year has been spent on L4D.
  10. Mirrors Edge.That was good game.At least it was innovative.
  11. Fallout 3
  12. My contenders:
    Dragon Age: Origions (Multi platform)
    Infamous (PS3)
    Red Faction: Guriellia (PS3/PC)
    Uncharted 2 (PS3)
    Demon Souls (PS3)

    Huh, funnly lack of 360 titles...
  13. RFG was 360, wasn't it?
  14. Dragon Age Origins would get my vote, it is one hell of a RPG, it might be the best one made to date and I have played pretty much all of them.
  15. Dragon Age: Origins is definitely one hell of a game.
  16. Yeah, Having just gotten my platinum on Demon's Souls last week, and plunking down with DAO for a few days, I might have to toss those two in the ring.
  17. Dude, nothing beats Tetris and Solitaire.

    And the smooth framerates? Rock solid!! I just wish I could see that block coming around from the top of the screen and I wish I had a hack to see through those cards!
  18. i would say splinter cell conviction/BFBC2/Crysis 2
    any of them 3.then if you're talking about games that came out in 2009,we could say halo odst but this is only on xbox360 so i wouldn't call it game of the year...
    maybe mirror's edge?Dirt2?Complicated
  19. I'm a big fan of Bioshock, so I'm waiting passionately for Bioshock2. Take a look at new BigDaddy:

  20. Looks more agile.Some sort of super powered mutant,to weird to live to rare to die.BigDaddy breeding with Altair.......
  21. Best of both worlds ;)
    Take the look at the game
  22. Let`s sacrifice all developers to Ken Levine.
  23. Dragon Age Origins hands down... best game of the year best RPG of all time.
  24. Best RPG of all the time is Diablo2, and we're waiting for third part.
  25. LeFt4DeAd Hands Down!
  26. Keep waiting Tore it wont come out this or next year, most likely end of Q4 2011 >< I'm just as made as everyone else.
  27. randomizer said:
    Crysis came out 2 years ago.

    Oh, didn't know that. Graphics made it to look like it was made this year.

    Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW). That is, Best game in the world, also it was made this year.
  28. Personally I think the game of the year will be_________________________(fill the empty space)
    Its personal choice.For me Mirror`s Edge.For everyone else,wellllllll its your`s choice. :D
  29. it's going to be modern warfare 2.

    dragon age should win it though - simply because i would love to see more games like it and less 'semi-realistic shooters'. i play counterstrike, i've played different versions of counterstrike for 10 years - the day i got my golden m4 in MW i thought "why am i playing this?", haven't touched it since.
  30. Game of the year is not equal to biggest sales of the year (which MW2 will certainly claim). Also, it depends on who's making the decision.
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