DS/DSI Games compatable ?

Ok cant find a straight answer to this so are Nintendo DS and DSI games the same, do they both play the same games or are the DSI games differant somehow.
My daughter asked for a DS but i thought i would get her a DSI as a surprise but my wife has gone and bought a few DS games now. So will they play on a DSI or do i now need to get a plain DS.


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  1. All DS games will play on the DSi. Currently a few developers are making a couple of DSi-only titles. But that will stay as a few due to the 100+ million install base of the non-DSi model dictating the direction of development resources.

    Those DSi-Only titles will be marked on such on the package to help avoid confusion.
  2. No DSi will play all your DS games so you're good to go. The only difference is that there's DSi-ware where you download games off the store with points you purchase.
  3. They are the same. but there is a new DSi with bigger screen now.
  4. Satanic 666 said:
    They are the same. but there is a new DSi with bigger screen now.

    And now there's DSi XL/LL with an even larger screen lol.
  5. Thanks for the reply's people, now i can go shoping and get the DSI if i see a good deal :D

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