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ok I have a question that is driving me crazy I don't really know how to phrase it exactly to even search around the web I've tried crazy keyword combos and can't seem to find any information

I have 2 monitors I run my game on my main monitor and websites and other stuff on my 2nd monitor
I want to be able to interact with my webbrowser and other things without my game minimizing on the other screen because it takes a long time to bring the game back up

I can freely move the mouse to the 2nd monitor and highlight things but as soon as I click the game loses focus and minimizes on my main screen which is so frustrating any help would be much appreciated

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
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  1. I don't think it's possible. Most games run in such a way that they need to be the focus so as soon as you click outside the game it automatically minimises. My friend told me it was something to do with the way DirectX uses memory that it needs to unload everything when it loses focus, then re-loads everything into memory when you go back to the game - hence the delay. I might well have misunderstood him though (I'm not too bright!).

    Short version - I've never seen a modern game that can handle running in the background and I don't think it's possible with the technology we have for games now.
  2. Run windowed mode. It'll still lose focus but won't minimise. Some games have a Windowed Maximised mode which looks the same as fullscreen but still counts as windowed. Note that SLI and Crossfire become useless when doing this as far as I remember.
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