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I am the first time builder and just brought Abit IS7 mainboard. However, I can only find one IDE cable for connecting harddisk in the package. My question is, since I have CD RW and DVD drives, does this mean I have to buy another IDE cable to connect them with mainboard?

Another thing is that I also find two serial ATA cables with the package, can I use this to connect my harddisk even it is just just ordinary ATA 100 harddisk not serial ATA harddisk?

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  1. 1. yes, in fact, but 2 rounded ones -- they are cheap.

    2. no, not compatible
  2. Why round?

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  3. You could get a PATA->SATA Adapter for your HDD (just slots in the back of the HDD), and use one of your SATA cables for that, then use the standard one for your Optical drives.

    You'll have to buy either an IDE cable or an adapter though - you <i>could</i> put a HDD and a CDROM on the same cable, but you'd really screw your performance up.

    The end is nigh.. (For this post at least) :smile:
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