FS:560 ti, core i7 970, Gigabyte ud-5, and 12gb(6 x 2gb) muskin

Selling an i7 970 6 core proccesor, with my GA-ud5h x58 motherboard, and 12gbs of 6 x 2 ddr3 ram

core i7 970(comes with stock heatsink that has never been used, still has original protective tape on thermal grease)- 405$
gigabyte -ud5 x58 motherboard -115$ (one sata 2 port house broke, just the plastic, still functions, pic soon)
6 x 2gb mushkin ddr3 ram- 70$

Of course we can work out a deal fif you want the whole combo, and it will save on shipping
As you can see in pics, the mobo nb heatsink also has a few minor cosmetic scratches from my poor coordination mounting waterblock. and I showed the damage to the sata port, though like i said, it still functions.

Also, I've just decided to sell my 560 ti tf3 hawk edition.
It's on Newegg for 250 right now, this one awk
Asking 200$ shipped. It's BNIB, but not sealed. Only took it out for pictures(someone asked me too)
It was purchases 2/22 and it still has almost full warranty. MSI does warranty by S/N and I can even send you a copy of invoice.

Also I have a wd 640gb black, not sure how much its worth so.

Pics up soon
Thank you. Will also consider trades for

Asus rampage II extreme

Any full cover mobo blocks/w or without board.

9800 gx2 with or without koolance block
dual pcb 295 with or without koolance block
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  2. Have you tried eBay/craigslist. I don't think you'll get any offers you'll like here.
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