How to uninstall Half Life 2 from PC


I have installed Half Life 2 by downloading it from

I followed the procedure mentioned and it got installed succesfully.
I have compleated the game and now if I want to uninstall the game I am not able to
find the program in the control pannel or in the Start->Programs.

Can any body help me in uninstalling this game. Your help is highly appreciated.

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  1. Try buying the game instead of ripping it off - illegal versions like that are always full of problems
  2. format c:? shove hdd up arse,
  3. Wipe the hard drive and re-install Windows.

    Hopefully it's a legal copy.
  4. try dipping the pc in milk.
  5. Aarrgh... if there is ANY GAME you NEVER pirate it's A GAME FROM VALVE you... EEDIOT!! They are one of the few companies who actually makes GREAT games that are fully deserving of our money. Pirating HL 2 is like stealing from God. You just don't do it. Sides, itsn't the game like 10 bucks on Steam?
  6. Who cares how much it costs? If it can be pirated, somebody will pirate it.

    Radiohead's pseudo-free album is a good example. They clearly said "pay us what you think it's worth" and there was the option to pay nothing. It STILL ended up on torrent sites.
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