Massive Crysis Artifacts...Possible GFX Card Death?

Not sure if this is the correct forum but I've recently installed Crysis again after a year of when i used to play it on the same hardware with no problems.

I install it this time, and to my dismay, artifacts galore.

I have tried all graphic settings, I have reapplied thermal grease to my cards heatsink, reinstalled the game and drivers with no luck.... Does this mean my card is finally dying??? :(

CPU - Q6600 : 2.40GHZ
RAM - 2GB DDR2 Ballistix
GFX - ATi Radeon X1950Pro AGP
MOBO - ASrock 4coredual-sata
PSU - Corsair 620w

PS. i dont overclock
PS2. i have also installed Crysis Warhead with the same results. No other games give/gave me artifacts apart from these two.
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  1. I have exactly the same problem with the sme screenshots, its not just Crysis, its every high demanding game. First i thought it was my CPU wich temperatures were a bit high, 68C (intel q9550 quadcore). Placed a new CPU cooler on it and now he temperatures arent above 50C but the problem still remains.

    My GFX (evga gtx285FTW) has been RMAed and there were no errors found at all. Nor the fabricant nor the dealer found any problems with several tests.

    Read somewhere it could be my PSU, delivering false power or something like that. SO my next step is finding out if thats the case.

  2. Bottom Line is Crysis is trash.
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