Red faction guerliia vs crysis


just purchased red faction gureilla..gameplay is the save view as max payne and resident evil 5. The graphics seem to be just as intense as crysis..

would anyone think that this game is just as intense graphics wise as crysis?

sure seems to be with all that you can do..

i called ati and they tell me that the hardware in many systems is there it boils down to individual software development with the current hardware..
some companies dev software in favor of certain hardware but all too often, its the software that isnt up to par therefore the hardware cant make much of that since the sw coding is so so..
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  1. It's definitely not as intense graphics wise.. it's pretty cool physics wise though
  2. Red Faction = Saints Row on mars. piss poor game.
  3. The environmental differences between RFG and Crysis are so drastic that it's not even worth comparison.

    RFG = a baron Martian wasteland and despite the Geomod technology which is supposedly the backbone of the Red Faction series there is no environmental damage. It's a very plain, dull and non-graphically intensive setting which from a technical standpoint is hardly much more developed than what shooters did 10 years ago. It happens to work very well due to the overall setting of the game and puts all of the focus on the man made structures and it ends up being a net positive that it doesn't require as much processing power.

    Crysis on the other hand is set in a lush, dense tropical environment with extensive foliage and even wild life. The buildings may not equal the physics of RFG but they are not that far off and I think the vehicles actually do better than RFG not to mention the ability to destroy trees. Another big plus in Crysis' favor is the persistence of destruction. RFG has the very console-ish let down of "disappearing" objects after they've been destroyed.

    That doesn't even take into account many other advances Crysis has in the way of lighting and shading but it's not even worth noting since the very basics of each games environment are so different they are not even worth comparing.
  4. Crysis has superior GFX and the Physics are second to none....
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